when will UNN 2020/2021 session begin? see answer here

When will 2020/2021 session commence? see answer
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Many students of the university of nigeria nsukka has been asking question about when the next session 2020/2021 will begin. Even the newly admitted students have been asking curiously about when they will be resuming school and begin their studies. if you are among those asking this question, then this article was made specially for you.

Recently they have rumors speculating that school will resuming this month JULY, Many people have call us and asked if the rumor is true that they will be resuming the next session 2020/2021 this month and try verifying the exact date for school resumption.

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Well here is the answer to all this questions:

According to the school second semester examination timetable for 2019/2020, all departments faculties are supposed to be concluding all their their exams on the 22nd of this month JULY(CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TIMETABLE FOR YOURSELF), Automatically, it will be impossible for school to begin a new session when the previous one has not been completed, so you will see that school might most likely not resume this month.

Also looking at the calendar that was released for 2019/2020 session, you notice that sandwich programme will be commencing on the 17th of JULY(starting with the arrival of sandwich freshmen) just close to the completion of our session and sandwich will be vacating around 25th of september of this year(with the completion of the their exams). so with this, if you are someone that knows about sandwich programmes, you will know that sandwich is a programme that runs during the vacation of undergraduate programme and ends towards the beginning of undergraduates resumption (YOU CAN SEE THE CALENDAR HERE). so you see that the possibilities of this month to be resumption for undergraduates is very slim and very not possible because sandwich will have to begin and conclude their program before undergraduates will return for 2020/2021.

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For those of you that aren’t aware, it is important for you to know that before any new session begins and calendar published, UNN senate board must have a meeting to delibrate and set-up a new calendar for the session to come, in this calendar, the date for resumption will be stated there, matriculation date, commencement of hostel and all other activities of the session both first and second semester are being scheduled and timed. At the time of making this publication, UNN senate is yet to seat for a meeting and delibrate/make schedule for the next session 2020/2021. This means that not even lectures are aware of when the next session will begin because only senior UNN professors are members of this senate board, so lectures are skeptical just as the students are.

SO WHEN WILL 2020/2021 SESSION BEGIN? see answer

From all the facts we have outlined above, you will know that nobody knows exactly when the next session will begin, all we can do is just to make probabilities based on statistics and analysis. so based on statistics and analysis, UramahMedia can say that the next session will begin around ending of August to Early of september, and it will be begin with the resumption of the newly admitted students, so that they resume and begin their school clearance.

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But ultimately, until the school releases an official statement about the next session calendar and publish before we know know exactly when school shall begin. UramahMedia will inform you once its officially published.

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  1. Thank you for your information but I have question is Unn releasing another list and when and also how many more

    1. Hello Joseph, We can’t say for sure, but the possibility of UNN releasing another list is very slim

  2. It’s definitely not fair cause other schools are done with their first semester exams or have commenced it and we’re yet to even start clearance or paying of school fees
    The school should do something about this please… They’re making us lack behind very well

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