Music is a beautiful thing, it is all around us and I am certain that a good number of people reading this had their fair share of popstar dreams in their early days. While a lot of the kids with those dreams eventually found themselves pursuing other things, some of the other kids stayed strapped to the glamorous pop star dreams and eventually took a step towards becoming recording artistes.

UNN’s entertainment industry, over the years, has functioned as a cohesive unit; the comic MC thrills the crowd whilst ushering in the dancers and the artistes, the hype men, on the other hand, showcase their chemistry with the DJs and to the rest of the community, they are seen as what I initially referred to as a ‘cohesive unit’.

The term ‘upcoming artiste’ has been used frequently in conversations about musical talents within the university. On the frank side of things, those who use the term easily get derogatory with it.

These recording artists have their stereotypical look; the multi-styled dreadlocks, the gangster and now ‘alte’ fashion sense, the intense attachment to looking wealthy over being wealthy, and the strong belief and faith in the next record or single being the hit for the ages.

In the angle of proper representation and respectable imagery, most UNN artistes have struggled to crack the PR code whilst envisioning a moment when the students would see them as potential hitmakers and give them the respect they deserve.

A lot of that stems from the fact that these artists pay zero attention to putting out quality material, this fact creates the ‘UNN artistes make bad music’ narrative which has been an anthem for years now.

They might never admit it in their Instagram stories, but every UNN artiste wants to be able to be proud of the music they make – the truth is, most of the time they aren’t.

I am 100% sure that every UNN student has seen a video or two of up and coming artistes in the studio during their sessions – yes, there’s always a good number of people hailing and cheering them on, in the heat of the moment, figuring out if you have a good record or not becomes pretty difficult to do.

Every UNN artiste wants to headline a show, perform their songs, and not get booed off the stage after performing three lines from the song. They want to have that one song that would be a major anthem within the community, I am personally looking forward to that moment on their behalf though.

On the top side of things, every UNN artiste wants to be able to confidently continue with the music after graduation – probably courtesy of a major label deal or a major endorsement deal. They want to be able to see the music as a potential way to financial independence, they want to get organic streams on all platforms, sell records and reap the benefits of widespread merchandizing.

To get these things, the only route to take, which is undoubtedly the best route, is to come up with quality music laced with evergreen timelessness.

Good music will always be loved and appreciated, even if it comes from an unknown act. A good number of artistes are already on their way to capitalizing on this route; new-generation artists such as indigenous rapper Laxxy OGB and pop princess Kwin have become poster acts for the promotion of great and quality music in UNN.

Music is a beautiful thing, it is all around us and I am certain that the moment UNN artistes start to pay attention to delivering quality music, they will surely get everything they want and more.

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