We launched Uramah Media in 2020 and got official recognition from Google and Celebrities like Patoranking, Fireboy dml and other organizations/personalities- Uramah David says


CEO uramahmedia and media personality URAMAH David took to one of his social media accounts to thank God and his co-workers for their support through out the one year consistent journey and work. From his write-up it can not be over emphasized how much success his company has recorded and the secret of his success which he attributed to ”Consistency ”. He wrote;

“2021 is one of the year I lived that happened to be dynamic, I had real bad experiences and also very good experiences too.

At the beginning of this year 2021, I was praying and God made me 4 promises(career, creation, connection & Family), promises he told me he will achieve in my life. At first, I did not understand this 4 promises cause some of it were somewhat strange to me😂 but as the year started going and these promises came to fulfillment, I understood all of the promises God made😌.

I don’t usually come out to social media to make post about my personal life but this i decided to do cause this is more like a testimony and an encouragement to you all that is reading this post to know that “In everything you do, try to Pray to God about it and sometimes don’t always tell God what you want but ask him to tell you his plans for you”.

Do you know the greatest tool for success is “CONSISTENCY”? But many people don’t know this. Many brand owners, businessmen and women, students and e.t.c tend to neglect the tool of CONSISTENCY they only focus on the tool of hardwork but not knowing that hardwork without consistency is useless. So if you want to build a successful brand or you are a student reading try to focus on not just hardwork but also on consistency, priority & good strategy.

You all know that I run a big media company, Uramah Media, and Infact the success and breakthrough we had in the media this year was just so miraculous😫. Uramah Media hosted competition worth closely N300,000, We sponsored events and programs, We financially helped people in need, Uramah Media Audience capacity multiplied by almost 5 times the capacity we already had by the end of last year 2020 in this 2021(based on statistics), We got more connections and visibility this year 2021, We successfully managed the media even though we couldn’t believe we could.

All these and many more we did in the Media and I was also marvelled at how we could do these things🤷‍♂️.

Kai! I will never forget 2021😊☺️.

Uramah Media did not just become a media company but a multi- Award winning media company, We Entered this year 2021 and bagged over 4 Meritorious Awards in different association & organizations😂, Mad oooh🔥.

Uramah Media which we launched just last year 2020 got an official recognition from Google, Celebrities like Patoranking & Fireboy dml this year and other organizations/personalities too.

Do you know we even launched a new organisation @xetmac and shut it down again because we had too much customers than we could contain😂🤦‍♂️, though we are making plans to reopen this again.

I always tell people around me that when making a new year resolution don’t just go and make useless resolutions like I want to stop eating too much😒, I want to stop insulting too much😒, I want to stop doing this and that, Useless! All these things you are planning to do aren’t going to work! This things are useless in case you don’t know😒. Every beginning of every year, the first thing I advice you to do is pray to God over your plans that new year and then make plans for that year, These plans are plans of things you intend achieving that new year, Plans related to your goal in life and so on. Okay, for me early this year, I made a resolution mostly related to my Media @uramahmedia. So please I urge you all to change the mindset of just making plans related to your social life and focus too on your career in life and spirituality too. Let me open a secret to you all “Do you know that at the beginning of every year, Prayers are easily answered?” Don’t ask me how sha😌 just make sure you use this opportunity wisely.

Among every good thing that happened to me this year I will never fail to also acknowledge and thank My family for their consistent support, My friends for their goodness to me, My very active and steadyfast Teammates at UramahMedia in persons of Cynthia Okpalanwaka Antho Onyi @chinecherem, my special thanks also goes to my elder brother Uramah Steven who at every point gave me a listening ears & tried so hard to support me till the last and also i want to Thank Vee Pearl for her love, Care, prayers and guidance throughout this year 2021, all through my dark times she was always close to me consoling and keeping me alive😂, I really owe this girl😊.

Today marking the last day of 2021, I have already made plans for 2022 and one of the major plans I have for 2022 is to see how I can use the little God has given to me to help/touch lives of people around me. The Vision 2022 is broad and I need God’s intervention and support from you all my friends.

I love you all personally❤️.
Kindly like/follow my Media 👉 UramahMedia.Com.Ng & on Instagram @uramahmedia.

In conclusion he concluded; I pray that all our plans and heart desires for 2022 will be granted. Amen

URAMAH David, is a student of the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus (UNEC) studying Medical Radiography And Radiological Science.

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  1. I thank the God almighty for his goodness towards us in 2021 and we still pray for more this new year.
    I also appreciate all Uramites and my co- crew members esp my Boss Uramah David,@Amblesssed for their support,hard work and consistency in making Uramah media a great establishment,it wasn’t easy but we give all glory and thanks to God.
    Kudos to you all

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