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Ok, many people have being asking me about update on UNN change of course, some asked me if it has started changing, some also told me that they have not being hearing anything on the change of course that they bought the form but have not being hearing anything about it, others came to me too asking more questions as regards the change of course form. so i decided to make a little digging on the change of course issue and in this article, i will be sharing all i have researched on.

firstly, i want to start by stating this truth here, it might be a little tough and difficult for those who applied for change of course to get it, before you start panicking, let me tell you why i said so. i said so because, many students that applied for change of course, mostly applied to change into MEDICINE AND SURGERY/DENTISTRY, now if you can recall, last year, during the lockdown period, so many first year medicine and surgery/dentistry students, were transferred and relocated into a different department, almost close to their first semester examination. the reason why this was done, was because the school was probed by some authorities like, JAMB and co. saying that admission was given to too many people, so this is the reason why i said that some of you might have little issue changing into this department and some other departments too, but dont worry, in this publication, you will get some tips of how to go about it.

Now, most atime, what many students do is this, they just purchase the change of course form fee of N75,000 and wait for UNN to publish a list of successful change of course students, but it’s not done like that. the moment you purchase your form, you will then move to admissions office at Nsukka campus and submit your file over there. weeks later after submission of the fiiles and the deadline for application is over, then what admissions office does is, they will now start distributing these files to the respective departments in which applicants applied to. once the departments gets these files, they will now start processing them.

Listen closely, at this point, applicants are supposed to be going to the departments where they applied to and be very close to the person in charge of processing this files, because sometimes, this departments might release some important information to the applicants who applied to their department, so if you aren’t close to them, you might miss these important information released by the department and this will be the beginning of you not getting the change of course you applied to. so be close to somebody there, be making relevant enquiries from them.

If you follow up with the department very well, the chances of you getting the course you applied to will be very high. After the department is done compiling the lists of people they want to accept into their department, they send the files of the people they want to accept back to the School ICT to start processing the change into the portal of the candidates that was success.

It is very important you note that, UNN does not usually release any list of everyone who successfully changed course, it’s only the department that you applied to that might release this kind of list for their own applicants. so don’t sit down and be expecting a list from UNN stating names of people that successfully changed. Their are two ways you will know if you have successfully changed, firstly is by getting assurance from the department you applied to, maybe orally or by publishing a list. then the secondly, you will be checking your student profile in your school portal to check if the department you wished to changed to, has reflected, if it has reflected there, it means that ICT has finally updated your profile to the course you wish to change into and this will be the time you can say “finally, i have changed course”.

So far, we got intel that admissions has already sent the files to the respective departments since last two weeks, so you be close to your department now because very soon most departments will start sending files to ICT to updating successful students profile in their school portal.

With all these said, We at URAMAH MEDIA will also like to warn you against fraudsters, who will tell you to pay them a certain amount of money and you will be given the course you wish to change to, BE WISE AND GUIDED, PLEASE.

We wish all UNN change of course applicants sucess! We await to hear goodnews from you.

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