UNN Visually impaired Student electrocuted to death

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A 300l visually impaired Student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka is dead. He was electrocuted at Alvan Ikoku Hostel at about 3am when he went to repair his room light and was rushed to the hospital by some students that were present at the scene that same night. Information getting to us this morning is that he died this morning.

In as much as we demand that School gets us Stronger Wires; Its also a thing of concern how Students run their Connections in Hostels. I once entered a room in that Alvan Ikoku and I actually knew that those Students just set a death Trap for themselves. If your Light Spoils, Please get a Professional to help out . It will go a long way in saving your Life and that of others.

This is the much we Could gathered for now Uramah Media will keep you updated at things Unfold.


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  1. This is not about students, it’s about the school’s negligence, they have totally neglected that hostel, there is no legal connection at all in the hostel rooms, students are forced to do the connections themselves…the school disconnected everything saying they want to do a renovation, since then, there have been no renovation, and they have failed to return what was there before, students now buy wires by themselves and try to tap electricity from the power house so they would have electricity to charge their phones and touch……it’s too bad that this illegal connection has been causing alot of problem lately but the school has decided to turn a blind eye, no one wants to address the issue and repair the lights, even the hostel governors have settled for illegal connections, it’s now the new normal since the school have refused to do what needs to be done.

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