UNN SUG and shuttle drivers finally makes a resolution on Shuttle fare


The student Union Government (SUG) officials in an urgent meeting with the Dean of students affairs, the trans-route chairman, security department and some other leaders has succeeded in resolving the issue with the shuttle drivers and has released a memo to this effect.
The SUG director of information in the memo, apologized to the entire University community for the impromptu strike saga and listed the resolutions they made concerning the issue.
Here’s all he said,“We bring you our warm and esteemed greetings from the Students Union Government, University of Nigeria Nsukka.

Firstly, we would like to apologise to our Students and the University Community at large for the inconveniences caused by the Strike today by Shuttle Drivers. We want to also appreciate our Great Lions and Lionesses for their firm support and understanding in this Struggle against any sudden hike in price or exorbitant price despite the fall in fuel price to #165 currently”.

We are pleased to inform our Students and University Community of the Emergency Meeting with Dean of Student Affairs, SUG Officials, Chairman and Manager of Trans-Route, Security Department and Leaders of Shuttle Drivers this afternoon at the Student Affairs Department as the issues facing Transport service and the sudden hike in price of Shuttle without timely notice were addressed.

“Below are some of the resolutions of the meeting:

  1. The Price of Shuttle will be REVERTED back to the normal price from Tomorrow, Friday 24th September being:

A. From Ogige market to school

Big Bus … #50
Small Bus … #60

B. From Behind Flats to school:

Big Bus and Small Bus … #50

C. From Inside School to Outside school … #50

  1. Due to the Increased cost of living and high vehicle maintenance, the Dean of Students, Director of Transport representating the SUG Officials, Chairman of Trans-Route and Leaders of Shuttle Drivers will discuss on a uniformly agreed new price of Shuttle which will be slightly increased to Favour and protect the welfare of our Students and that of Shuttle Drivers, as they also have children in schools and responsibilities as well.
  2. The agreed price of Shuttle by these concerned persons will be made known to the Nigerian Students through the SUG Director of Transport COMR. NWODO HENRY (Humble Lion)* and will take full *effect from MONDAY 11TH OCTOBER, 2021
  3. This two weeks (14 days) notice is meant for Shuttle Drivers to return to the agreed normal price, hence fuel price has been normalized. Again, to prepare and duly inform the Nigerian Students that there will be a slight increase In fuel price due to the unbearable living cost for Shuttle Drivers and high cost of vehicle maintenance and equipments.
  4. This change in Price to #50 & #60 respectively and Agendas on this Memo takes full EFFECT FROM TOMORROW, FRIDAY 24TH SEPTEMBER, 2021

“Do well to contact the SUG Director of Transport, Comr. NWODO HENRY (Humble Lion) on 0816 061 6667 for more enquires. Also Report any Shuttle Drivers defaulting any of this Agendas or resolutions made here, you can send the Fleet or Plate Number to the number above” he concluded.

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