UNN Dean addresses issue of increase in acceptance fee, change of course and late registration fee [read full statement]

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The Dean of student affairs University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), Professor Edwin O Omeje, has replied to the current complains from student over the recent increase in some fees.

Not very long from today, UNN released their primary list and admitted students were asked to pay an acceptance fee of N30,000 (which normally used to be N25,000), Added to this students also lamented on the increase of purchase of change of course form in which additional N25,000 was added to the initially fee of N50,000 making the form N75,000 now. The school management also added the fee for late course registration. so with the increase of all this fees, many students of been complaining and lament, The Student Union Government also promised to work and see how they can reduce the fees.

Amidst all this, the Dean of students’ affairs, make a state addressing this issues,

Below is his full exact statement;


*Deliver me O Lord, from the evil man: preserve me from the violent man; which imagine mischief in their heart; continually are they gathered together for war. They have sharpened their tongues like a serpent; adders’ poison is under under their lips. Keep me , oh Lord, from the hands of the wicked, preserve me from the violent man; who have purpuposed to overthrow my goings. The proud have hid a snare for me, and cords; they have spread a net by the wayside; they have set gins for me……(Psalm 140:1-5; KJV) *

  1. Let me formally, with every sense of responsibility and sincerity salute our dear students for the successful completion of the first semester examinations in the 2019/2020 academic session. Great lions and lionesses, I salute your courage, perseverance and belief in ethical studentship.
  2. In the same vein, I must appreciate and congratulate the University Administration and Management for standing up courageously against the numerous challenges which were complicated by the unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic. Of particular mention is the Vice-Chancellor, who excitedly is the 15th in series and the very first true alumnus to become the Vice-Chancellor of UNN. It is No doubt that our Vice-Chancellor is widely recoganised as the most student friendly in Nigeria. He has been widely acknowledged by students a true lover of students and every good thing they represent.
  3. As Dean of Students, I am sincerely and primarily concerned with the welfare of our dear students and to ensure that their studentship is within the regulations of our dear University. I do not play politics or intend to do such with the welfare of our students. Following a recent request from the DOS SUG to hold a tension reducing bonfire night on 16thApril, I have pledged a full cow to make suya for them during the night as will be approved by the University Administration. All these and more are to make them happy and have sense of belonging in their own University.
  4. Ordinarily, I would have kept quiet over the unfortunate circulation agitating for students’ demonstration against the University Management by students who feel that certain fees were marginally increased but for the purpose of reference and truth, I decided to write on it.
  5. The incisive posts currently circulating like wildfire in their entirety appear to be (as usual) unholy schemes and decoys obviously propelled by persons who do not believe nor support the peace/progress in our University.It is unfortunate and quite disheartening to see that the office of the Vice-Chancellor and that of the Dean of Students could be assaulted and abused by anyone. Remember, the insult on our father is a direct invitation to anarchy and rebellion.
  6. The Dean of Students Affairs hereby, in all modesty and truth assures our agile battalion of Nigerian students that the University of Nigeria does not toil with the welfare of her students. The University means well for her students and I most sincerely emphasize this truth.
  7. The three items mentioned as grievances are (i) Late Registration fees of 10,000 (ii) Acceptance fee of 30,000 from 25,000 for the prospective students in the 2020/2021 academic session. (iii) Application fees for change of degree increased to 75,000 from the former 50,000 naira. In addition, there is this latent fear that the University might increase school/sundry fees in the 2020/2021 academic session. Furthermore, the authors of the unfortunate incisive documents and misjudged stand of some human elements claim that the students Union were not consulted before these increments.
  8. The University of Nigeria will not ignore the student body in matters having legitimate reason(s) to involve them.
  9. Let me emphasize that the University of Nigeria will always involve students through the SUG in any matter that borders on school/sundry fees increament. This has been the culture of University Management and will not change in a time when a true Alumnus is the Vice-Chancellor.
  10. I will therefore submit that the proponents of agitations overs the above reasons are regrettably misguided and far from the truth! This is the truth! And the followings are the the cogent reasons for this assertion over each item in the unfortunate incisive posts
    (a) The reason behind attaching 10,000 naira as charges for late course registration is to strongly discourage students from the unacceptable attitude of delaying registration. One would quickly ask, why should a student refuse to register courses in sufficient good time? In other universities within the country, failure to register for courses during the approved time lines translates to automatic loss of the session. It is possible that a student might experience economic hardship and fail to pay school fees in time. Such students are supposed to formally approach relevant units of the University especially Students Affairs Department with sufficient/convincing evidence. As Dean, we have always handled such cases with passion. All glory will be to our God!

(b) For the issue of acceptance fees being increased from 25,000 to 30,000 naira, let me state that the cost of administration is increasing alongside every other item in the Country. These candidates offered provisional admission are to accept it formally. They are our prospective students and until they accept the offer and complete other relevant formalities, they cannot become our legitimate students. It is only then that the influence of SUG leadership on them can become legitimate. So, for this particular, informing SUG of acceptance fees increament should be viewed as a privilege and NOT a right. If there will be school fees increase, the University Management will engage in wider consultation including the very critical/important group-Our Beloved Students.

(C) For the issue of increased change of degree program fee charges, it is misinformative to attack the University Management. Let every person who loves peace and truth know that Change of degree programme is a personal desire and never forced on anyone. Again, we have seen that many times, students will want to change their programme and ends up in complications. In some Faculties, students who finally succeeded in change of degree program could not write the just concluded first semester examinations because the change approval came out very late. This increment should not ordinarily park incisive reactions from students. Students must know their limits, responsibilities and privileges.

(d) Let me emphasize that any increase in school/sundry fees by our University Management will involved consultation with all stakeholders especially the very critical student body. And so, I plead that we dispel such rumours as machinations of evil. I beseech my beloved students to tow the line of peace, discipline and respect for constituted authorities. I passinately remind us all that at any time my students feel aggrieved or sidelined, there are legitimate procedures to express such. And I am sure that the University Management and Administration will listen with passion. Any further escalation of this matter will be interpreted as being politically motivated. Let us give peace a chance!

Finally, I assure the Students Union Government and indeed all our lovely students that we love them and mean well for them. Let us appreciate the truth that the economy is generally bad and biting. For sure we shall overcome this crises period. And this must be through collective effort in line with our vision and philosophy as University. We shall soon smile in victory!

As your Dean, I remain truly committed to your overall welfare as highly esteemed Students of our dear University.

God bless the Students of the University of Nigeria
God bless the SUG, University of Nigeria,
God bless the Management and Administration of the University of Nigeria
God bless the University of Nigeria and Nigeria.

I remain,

Your servant leader

Professor Edwin O Omeje
Dean of Students, UNN.

That was the statement delivered by the dean, Uramah Media also got a report that by 2;30pm today, he will be live on 91.1 fm enugu state, to further address this issue.

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