Unknown Pastor Seeks for Churches around UNN for Intercession on The Dean’s Decision

Due to the incident that happened on the University Campus yesterday and the decision made by the Dean of Students Affairs on the expulsion of the Student. His decision has raised alot of attention.

It also gathered alot of criticisms from the general public on the decision by the Dean.

An unknown Pastor sent a message to the general public,in his words “Church Let’s all stand solidly behind our Dean of Students and put him in prayers, I have sat with Him closely and seeing the pressure of the Social Media on him and a supposed movement against his decision this could pose a blow to the body of Christ on Campus.Church Let’s arise with the Cry for Holiness, for righteousness, my heart bleeds for my generation, for my continent Africa and for Nigeria and for UNN, can we drop all and focus on the purpose for Christ’s Death. It’s time we begin to seek the true God. Let’s intercede , I call on the Church across UNN JCB DLCF, MFM, RCF, WATCHMANITS TIME TO CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD FOR OUR DEAN OF STUDENTS, AND FOR OUR SCHOOL AND OUR COUNTRY.The Altar of Darkness shall not prevail! !”€

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