UNEC DOT Fulfills campaign promise as he sets creation of new shuttle route at Maryland gate


The University Of Nigeria, Enugu Campus (UNEC) Student Union Director of Transport, Comr. Chukwuobaji Nkenna Francis (A.K.A OBAJI) has just fulfilled one of his Election campaign promises as he sets “CREATION OF NEW SHUTTLE ROUTE AT MARYLAND SMALL GATE” Effective as from 15th June, 2021(Tomorrow) at 7:30Am.

He made this big Announcement few days ago and it was commended by many students who takes around Maryland Area because most of the students that stay in this Area find it very difficulty leaving or Entering into the campus because of lack of transportation means as it far away from their respective campus destination.

In a close interview with Comr. Obaji, Uramah Media asked “Is there anything you’d like to say to Nigerian students?”. And below was his response:

“I bring you all aluta greetings!”

“It’s a known fact within UNEC that vehicular accessibility for UNEC students staying in Maryland is one of the logjams associated with studying in UNEC and staying in Maryland.”

“During my campaign, I promised that this difficulty will be solved under my watch as the Director Of Transport, UNEC. Today, I’m proud to announce to you that this difficulty has been solved. Shuttles will start plying the Maryland route from the 15th of June, 2021.”

“I express my sincere appreciation to the entire students for their patience whilst we negotiated and charted a path to solving this problem.”

“Together, with the right douse of patience and genuine expectations, we can achieve more. Thank you!”

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  1. Lol, This is the first time I’m seeing a student politician that still remembers his campaign promises and work strongly towards achieving it, kudos Comr. Obaji

  2. URAMA MEDIA is now becoming a very interesting media oooh, can’t believe that I stay updated just through their posts, wow I’m happy jare, Nice one Obaji

    1. Lolz…. Thank God for everything and thank you for being with us. We will do everything within our capacity to never fail you.

    1. For now no news of when the supplementary list will be out but we’ll let you know when it’s released…Just sit tight and stay with us.

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