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UNEC: Do You Want TO Date Or Marry A Nursing Student? Read this


If you are dating a medical student, specifically a nurse, or you’re getting ready to marry one, I really hope you have a strong, healthy heart.

You’ll need it for that relationship..

Yes, you’ll enjoy it (because they are very emotional and the care will exceed your expectations), but UramahMedia has compiled four things to consider before you try to date, or worse, marry a nurse.

  1. They are VERY busy and will barely have time for you.

If you love chilling every 4 days and taking pictures out for the gram, forget about dating a nurse. Most of the time, the only way you’ll be convinced that you’re in a relationship will be when she needs you to run errands for her while her shift is ending and she’s on her way back:

Babe, please go to that pepper-soup woman and tell her to give you two plates. Let the onions be plenty and let her add tatashe in my own. I prefer Green to vegetables. Use the blue flask on the top kitchen drawer. Then, please help me get Andrews Liver Salt on your way back.

In a nutshell; If you get offended and feel disrespected when “small girls” send you message, stay off nurses.

  1. She prefers her friends to you,

Let’s be honest: nursing is a cult and nurses don’t just like each other… They also NEED each other to move faster in that career. Have you seen their WhatsApp groups, all those screenshots of nursing jobs in Canada and Cyprus?

That’s it.

So, you have to accept the heartbreaking reality that in the grand scheme of things, her nurse friends are at the top of the ladder, and you come somewhere around the middle rungs.

**Bonus: Her friends won’t typically like you. They’ll think you’re an “asshole”, so just be ready for this and don’t even ask why.


  1. You’re her regular patient, and it’s annoying.

One black spot on your arse, or one tiny bump on your groin, and get ready to answer questions about your family’s medical history.

You’re in bed kissing, and she runs her hand down your shaft, and there’s a little raised spot there. Trust me, she’ll leave you, unlock her phone, shine a bright light at your stuff… Imagine! wtf

And you’ll have to sit up embarrassingly with a gigantic erection explaining that you cut yourself while shaving, and by the time she confirms it and wants to get back to the smashing, you’re turned off.

  1. She sees, touches, and smiles at other naked men and their deeqs REGULARLY.

I don’t mean to scare you, but sexual intimacy with a nurse is VERY WEIRD, especially if you have a cinematic mind like my own.

You may not know this, and she may have ‘forgotten’ to tell you, but your nurse girlfriend sees and touches at least 28 d*cks in an average week, and sorry to make you feel terrible, but half of them are better than yours. Yes, these things have to be said.

So, every time you two get to smash, you’re not sure if your size is nailing it, or if you’re the bare minimum, and every time she says; “you’re amazing”, “you go feel say she dey whine you, because you know your short-CUMmings” lol!

So the next time you’re checking out a nursing student, admiring her backside and swearing to be the best guy she’ll ever meet, remember that I have warned you.

Those cute little demons have seen it all.

Now, I hope you know why she walks into a mall with you, sees one of her male patient, walks to him and hugs him really tight, smiles sheepishly and waves a big bye-bye when he walks away.

That guy clocks in at a solid 9.2 inches, and she knows it, and he knows that she knows it… And they both know that you don’t know it.

Know this and have peace of mind!

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