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Kate’s POV

I got to the door and opened to see a young lady with a frowning face.

“Can’t you let someone sleep in peace?” She said and apologized quickly before slamming the door.

I lowered the volume and turned to the diary once more.

Eric’s POV

I stopped halfway when I noticed that the volume had decreased then I turned back.

“Thank God” I muttered.

I still need to find Kate but how. Her number isn’t going through anymore. I went back into my room and took my phone to call Henry.

“Good morning sir” He greeted.

“Good morning Henry, how’s the office? Did you employ new employees?” I asked, moving my hair back but it fell back to my face.

“Yes, I did. And the company is doing well. Mr Vincent had a deal with us and it went well.” He replied.

“Okay, did mom or dad say anything about my disappearance?”

“Of course! Your mom said you should have tell her where you were going before leaving like that”

“Okay, I will call her later. Bye and take care if the company okay?” I said and hung up before he could say anything.

I let out a deep breath and got into the bathroom to shower. The water was freaking cold.

I got out of the bathroom and wrapping my towel round my torso and sat down to rub my body with cream.

I wore a cream shirt and white joggers and tied my hair with a bandana. I took my phone on the bed and marched out if the house.

I know no where in Nigeria. The ladies in the reception were drooling as I walk pass. I board a taxi and entered.

“Take to a police station here” I muttered.


Kate’s POV

I began to read the diary loud.

It reads: Dear diary, when will Kate know about this secret we’ve been keeping from her?

How will I tell her that Janet her sister isn’t her biological sister. She’s Andrew’s daughter. Her uncle.

He really wanted to use Jane has his burnt offering to the god(idol) he was serving but knew his secret and had to save baby Jane who was still 5 then and Kate is just a year old.

Somehow, he found out and sent some men to kill everyone including Jane too but they were too late cause we had already packed our things ready to fly out of the country. Back to Russia.

Unfortunately for my husband, He lost his job and we went bankrupt. It was so sad diary. So sad…..

I closed the book sighed a little before opening it again. To another page.

…..We had to go back to Nigeria for some reason and also thinking Andrew would have calmed down but no.

He’s still after us. Next month will be Kate’s graduation which I must attend right? Yes of course!

“25th of August?” I asked myself.

Yeah.. That was the date my parents died and my graduation day. I looked carefully at the book, the page was bloodstained.

That’s my mom’s blood. She had write this before she died.

Dear Kate, I know this kind of goodbye isn’t appropriate but I just have to say goodbye. Make sure you stay far away from your enemy. Uncle Andrew.

Am writing this in tears Jane and Kate, please take care of yourself and don’t hate each other. Fight for each other.

Am sure Andrew will be after you girls now that…… We.. Will be going to our creator. Have known you girls as strong ladies. Fight for your right! God will see you through girls. Goodbye.

I closed the diary immediately as hot tears came form my eyes. Somehow I imagined how mom was able to write this before she died.

So uncle Andrew is really after us and even sister Jane knows about it and was trying to safe me and herself.

I crawled up to my bed and sat on it with many thoughts running in my mind.

Jane’s POV

I did the face mask properly as I walk into the big restaurant and wore my apron. Am a chef and I do my work in the kitchen no going out which was quite safe for me.

Am paid #4000 daily which was also okay for me.


At night, I got my pay and marched out the building. I bought some things on the way. I noticed some steps towards.

I smirked and walked faster, I turned to a corner running then another and eventually hide under a wooden counter.

I saw the figure coming out and was looking around if he could sight me. Fortunately, it was dark.

A car came to him and he entered. I came out from my hiding after the car had gone far. I ran to the hotel as fast as I could.

How did he even recognize me? Oops! I had removed my face mask. Gosh! We had to leave Russia cause uncle Andrew was really there.

Am sure he would be looking for us there in Russia and now his boys which I saw him with. Probably came back to Nigeria to search for us too here.

What a big mess!

I opened the door and walked into the room seeing Kate asleep, I sighed and dropped the things I bought down.

I need an apartment badly now. We can’t just stay in this hotel forever. I guess I and Kate would go out to look for a house in need of a tenant.

My eyes caught a book resting on her chest, I took it and read the content. I was like.. Is this a story book or what?

Mom never told me that bastard is my father!! He can never be. Like… He wants to use me me as a sacrifice to that stupid god of his?

And truly he’s after us now after he took daddy and mommy away. Am sure he’s behind all this.

I will do anything to protect Kate and I from that idiot. How did Kate feel when she read this?

Am sure she would have cried her eyes out.


Eric’s POV

Like seriously? Nigeria police are the worst!

Am a white guy doesn’t mean am a fool which they think I am.

Gosh! They want 2 million just to help me find Kate and to crown it all, they were drooling on Kate, and even my phone.

Well I have the money but am not giving them. 2 million for what? Even in Russia I don’t think they collect money and even if they do.

Not in millions.

Am going out tomorrow again, I must find Kate no matter what.

Kate’s POV

Next day………..

I woke after much cry yesterday. I saw my sister beside me sleeping peacefully.

I got down from the bed and went into the bathroom. Doing all the girly stuffs, I came out with a towel wrapped around my body.

I sat down and faced the mirror in my front then began combing my hair down. Shortly, Sis Jane woke up too.

We greeted and she entered the bathroom as well and had her bath. I had finished wearing my clothes.


“We will be leaving the hotel soon. We are going out to find a house to live in” My sister said and I turned in awe.

What? We are finally leaving the hotel.

“Okay, am ready” I replied, standing up.

“Okay, let’s go” She answered but was still battling with her shoelace.


We got out of the hotel and walk down the street wearing a face cap.

“Kate?” I heard a low voice with familiarity called.

I wanted to turn back but my sister told me not to as we kept moving faster almost running.

The person ran after us and we did too.

“Kate it me!”


“Kate it me!”

“It me! ….. Eric!” Her comes a big bomb.

OMG! Eric! He’s here. I stopped and turned back to see Eric with tears in his face and also smiling.

I didn’t know when I left my sister’s hand and ran to him. Hugging him tightly. It been a year.

He really came for me. Have missed him so much. Tears were streaming down my face as he made me face him.

He crashed his lips on mine not minding the lagosians passing. I responded too and kissed him deeply.

I haven’t done that for a year. We broke the kiss and I looked up to him.

“Why did you leave me Kate? Do you how mad I was when you left? Do you know how I feel without me seeing you for a year?

I feel shattered and broken when you left me. Have never felt this way to a lady before. Should I call this love?” He said and I looked down shyly.

“Eric” I called.

“Am sorry for leaving you but I got no choice Eric. My life is in danger right now. I can’t explain everything now maybe later” I said.

I gave him where I was staying and he laughed.

“We are staying in the same hotel and I never had the chance to meet you. Gosh!”

Wait! Tell me he’s the white guy the girls have been drooling on. Gosh they better not.

“Well, my room number is 117. You can come over” He added and I sensed someone in black watching.

“Eric I need to go now. I will meet you at the hotel. I gotta go” I ran back to my sister and told her what I saw.

She nodded and began running though slowly. I heard Eric calling but I pretend not to listen.

I pray I don’t get him into this mess.

“Kate!!!!!!!” He yelled and I stopped.

I turned and widened my eyes. “Eric watch!!!!”

I screamed but it was too late when he turned back, the car had hit him. Clearing him out of the way and landed on a big rock.

I ran back to the scene and squat down. “Eric wake up. Don’t do this, please wake up” I said, trying to fight the tears in my eyes.

My hands had been covered with his blood from his head.

Nooooo! Eric wake up!! !!

An ambulance came and took Eric with me sitting beside him.


He was taken into a ward, the nurse encourage me to go home and rest but I couldn’t do that.

At night…..

I had to sleep in the hospital while my sister had to go home and prepare food. I looked at Eric through the glass door.

He’s still unconscious. I don’t want him dead God.

Next Day…

I woke up with two taps on my shoulder.

“Miss, the man is awake. Who are you to the man?” The nurse asked.

“His guardian. Yes his guardian, can I go see him please?” I replied and she nodded.

I entered the room and saw Eric awake. I smiled within joy and sat beside him.

“Eric, you’re alive! I knew it! I knew you will never leave me alone” I said, coming closer to kiss him but he stopped me.

He frowned his face and arched his brow.

“Who are you?” He asked and I became dumbfounded.


“It me Eric, don’t tell you don’t remember me again” I warned.

“Ma’am, you are here. Well I need to tell you this. He lost his memory” The doctor said.


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