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Eric’s POV

“What?!” He said and I turned to him.

“Yes, what’s wrong with that? Am only going to find someone okay?” I replied and left the office.


I got my luggage ready and walked out of the house to the airport with Henry.

“Henry, go back to the office and employ new staffs into the company. I will be back when I find who am looking for” I answered and he nodded before going.


Three Hours Later…

I got to Nigeria, and walked to a uber driver.

“Take me to one of the best hotel here” I said as i stayed glued to my phone.

“Okay sir”


30 Minutes…..

Gosh! This car is too slow! We haven’t reached the hotel since? It really hot here!

Should I go back? Hell no! I just find Kate before leaving. But the question is how will I?

At last! The driver finally reached the hotel.

It good though but can’t be compared to ours in Russia.

I got down and asked for the fare. “Just 4,000 Naira” He replied and I frowned.

I haven’t spend Naira before. “Just count 1000 notes in 4 places” He explained.

I gave him the money and entered the hotel. I got to the black receptionist. She’s so ugly not like Kate with beauty even if she’s black.

“Can I book for a room? Two months” I said and she flashed me a smile before facing the computer in her front.

I heard murmurings behind me and I turned.

“He’s handsome”

“Am sure he’s from America or something” Another said.

I collected the key to the room and left the girls there.

Inside the room was a small TV, coolval stories a sofa, the bed was big too and so on. Well it cool here but the sun is freaky hot.

I took a cold shower and ordered food, Rice and Chicken stew.

I ate and slept off soundly.


Kate’s POV

Next day……

I woke up and stretched out my body. I really had to sleep late yesterday. I had to search the diary mom gave me.

But I couldn’t find it, and I felt like crying but am sure I brought it here to Nigeria that day.

I still have to find it and read what’s inside. I assured myself. I got down from the bed and went into the bathroom.


I wore my T-shirt and trouser and sat down with my phone right in my hand. I had lost my phone on our way here.

Let’s just say we were robbed while we were trying to run from whosoever my sister says is after us.

Now am using a Nokia phone. A phone with button. A phone have never used before.

And…. Eric, he must have forgotten me already. It been a year. Have missed him so much. I can’t wait to see him once again even if he’s married. Just wanted to see him.

We never came out rather, we order food and even toiletries we have to send someone to get us that.

I opened the door and little and saw two three girls coming, laughing their ass out.

“Can’t believe a cute guy is in this hotel” The weave on girl said.

“He’s so handsome most especially with his brown hair” Another girl replied.

A guy? They’ve been talking about this guy since yesterday. Who’s he? Almost all the girls are talking about him like their lives depends on it.

I heard he’s from overseas and a white guy for that matter. I shrugged that off and closed the door.

My eyes caught a purple object and I moved towards it. I removed it away form my clothes and there it is.

The diary have been looking for ages. Gosh! How did it appear here? I had to remove all my clothes out to find this.

I smiled at the diary and glanced at my sister who was still sleeping. Am just gonna read that later.

Am feeling really bored today and I felt like going out but I can’t so I decided to watch TV in the room.

I intentionally increased the volume and that woke my sister up. I smirked when she yelled.

“Low that volume!!”

But I turned deaf ears and continue watching the show. I stood up from the bed and went straight to the bathroom.

Wait! Is she going to sleep there?

Jane’s POV

I got into the bathroom and took my bath. The TV was still loud and I glared at Kate. I wore a blue top and black skirt.

We just need to stay indoor for now.Yes, I hate lateness and am also protecting her. I just have to do that.

I can’t watch her die and I too don’t want to die. Some one is really after us. That person wants us dead.

I knew that person but Kate don’t but soon she will. We have to protect ourselves and that’s why we keep hiding.

We are running out of money now but I know how to get money. I turned to Kate after putting on my face mask and a face cap too.

“Am going now, don’t go out please. Okay?” I said and she nodded like a child.

“Good. Bye now” I answered and went out.

Gosh she should just low that TV volume. Am still hearing it from here.

Eric’s POV

Gosh! What kind of a country is this? Just boring.

And who’s this person watching TV and can’t even low the volume. Arghh… Is this the country Kate is? I mean Nigeria.

This loud sound is disturbing my sleep for crying out loud. I got up from the bed and wore my flip-flops.

I need to talk some sense into that person’s brain. F–k!

Ah.. The noise is coming from that room. Such a noisy person!

Kate’s POV

I left the bed and got to where I kept the diary and sat down. I opened the first page which wasn’t important and flipped to the second page.

” A man was killed in kastina state with a trailer. He’s been taking to the mortuary now” I turned and saw the news on TV.

Oh! What a poor man!

I turned to the diary and focused on it.

“Will late be able to take this if she finds out what’s happening around her?”She wrote and I arched my brow confused.

I flipped to the another page and what I saw made me wants to cry, it make me angry.

Arrhhhg.. Uncle Andrew is behind all this? Oh my goodness!

I closed my tears that was threatening to fall when I heard a knock. Who could that be?

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