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Kate’s POV

I got home crying as I walk to my room. I went to my wardrobe and took all my clothes out.

Why do we have to go to Nigeria? Who’s after us? Or is Sis Jane joking? But sounds like she mean it.

Gosh am confused. Am gonna miss Eric so badly. When next will we meet?

This new feeling I feel towards him when ever am with him or remembered him. I can’t just explain the feeling.

I finished packing my clothes into my bags. I took the diary mom gave me and the Rohypnol too.

I got out and glanced at the house before going to board a cab to the airport. Reaching there, I called my sister where she is.


I got to where she was standing, adjusting her gown.

“We need to go Kate, we got no time” She said and I followed her.


Fast Forward….

I had wanted to ask why we are leaving Russia to Nigeria but I knew she won’t give me a good answer to that, so I had to keep quiet.

I slept for three hours in the plane and soon we landed in Nigeria. It good to be back though.

“Follow me Kate” Jane and I nodded.

She’s just ordering around. What’s wrong? What’s going on?

I followed her and we board a cab to a hotel. I sat down on the bed and watched as my sister placed our luggage at the corner of the room.

“I know you have a lot of questions to ask me, well am sorry I won’t be able to give you the right answer now” She said and wore her flip-flops.

“Let me get you and myself food. Arrgh am really famished” She added and went out.

I thought she was going to one of her clients to Los Angeles but no she just called me to meet her and now we are in Nigeria.

She came back and we ate our food. I lay on the bed to rest but I slept off.

Eric’s POV

“Sir, please don’t do this next time. This is the 5th time you will be breaking laptops and now your arm is bleeding cause of the glass you just broke now” Henry said as he wrapped the bandage on my arm.

Henry is my personal assistant and also like a friend but not that close.

He called the cleaner to come clean the mess I had done. I had threw the whole thing on the desk away.

I grabbed my car key and entered into my car. I drove to Kate’s apartment praying I should meet her.

I knocked on the door thrice but no answer. The door has been locked. She’s really gone.

She went to Nigeria. Did she not feel sorry for me? Why am I unhappy cause she isn’t here anymore?

Did I like her that much? Can this be love? No it can’t. Am just after her body.

I went to my car disappointed. She’s the only girl in my mind now. The only girl who made my heart soft whenever she’s with me.

The girl who I feel more attracted to and comfortable with. Her name is Kate.

Now she’s gone. For good? Or she’s gonna come back?


Kate’s POV

Monday morning….

I woke up feeling better. I came down from the bed and took my bath, get my body creamed then wore a short gown.

I never bother to wake my sister. I got outside the room and went to the lady in the reception.

“What can I do for you ma?” She asked.

“Humm…. Where can I get my self breakfast?” I replied.

“Oh… Just go to your left there. You will see a restaurant there.” She described and I thanked her.

I got to the place and bought food for myself and Sis Jane. I noticed a man In black suit watching every move I take.

It looks suspicious as he follows me which he would thought I didn’t know. I got to the door , then he stopped and turned back.

Is he motoring me or what?

I entered the room and saw my sister, already woke up and was glaring at me.

“Why did you have to go out?” She asked.

“To.. Get Breakfast” I replied raising the polythene containing the food.

“You should have let me, please don’t go out. In fact you won’t be going out as from today. I will take the responsibility of everything okay?” She answered gently for the first time.

Why is she doing all this?

“Did anyone trace you here or maybe was following you, I mean spying on you?” She asked again.

“I noticed a guy following me then he turned back when I got here”

“Huh? You mean a guy followed you here right? Gosh! Kate pack this food back.

Get your clothes ready too. We are leaving here to another place. ” She said and I looked at her puzzled.

What? Why are we running away again? Who are we running from? Are some people after us?

I quickly did as she instruct me. In no time we were outside the hotel.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Just calm down, we are going to a comfortable hotel.” She replies but am still not satisfied with the answer.

“Sis Jane, just tell me what’s going on? I don’t seem to understand. Is someone after us or what?” I yelled.

“Stop yelling okay? Fine! Someone or let me some people are after us and I won’t let them hurt you a bit even if I don’t like you. So no question please and let me think straight” She fired back and turned to sit properly.

I scoffed. Really? She won’t allow someone that is after us hurt me a bit. I don’t understand sister Jane.

We finally, I mean F.i.n.a.l.l.y reached the hotel and we booked a room.

I just hope we are safe.

Eric’s POV

1 year later…..

“You are fired! You monkey!” I yelled and slapped the boy across his face.

“Sir, you’ve almost fired all the employees in this company and don’t bother to replace them.” Henry said, when I calmed down.

“So? How many of you remain? I still need to fire some people. They aren’t doing their job well” I replied and sat properly on the office chair.

“We are just three sir, three employees remaining out of 100+. Sir, what you’re doing to your self isn’t a good one.” He answered and my eyes almost popped out.

What? Was I really angry or sad that I fired almost the employees and now there are just three remaining.

Kate why are you doing this to me? One year you didn’t come back to me. Have finally realized how I have missed you. Or should I say am in love with you just after you left me.

Aisshhh! Am going crazy now.

“Henry, get ready. We are going to Nigeria” I said and stood up.


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