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Eric’s POV

I looked at her closely and asked again. “You are still what?”

She didn’t say anything but just staring. At me.

Why didshe not complete her sentence. Truthfully, I don’t understand what’s she’s trying to spill out.

“Hmm… Nothing, just nothing” She stuttered and I nodded.

“Okay, you should go in now.” I said softly.

Am beginning to get soft all of a sudden.

“Yeah bye Eric” She waved and entered into her apartment.

I sighed and got into my car, at least my coming here isn’t in vain.

I took out my phone and dialed Henry’s number. “Get me a s–t to my house now” I said and hung up.


Kate’s POV

I entered my room and breath out beside sitting on my bed. Thank God he didn’t ask me any question.

I took my bath and slept off.

“Kate!!” I heard my name downstairs.

I rubbed my sleepy eyes as I stood up from the bed. I got downstairs and saw my sister calling me.

What did she want ? Why calling me?

I got to her and arched my brow. “Yes? You called me” I said and folded my arms.

She cleared her throat. “Well I will be away for some days. One of my clients will be going to Los Angeles and I will following him to take care of him. You know what I mean.”

She winked while I nodded.

“Yeah, I do know” I replied.

“Am leaving the house in your care. I gotta go now” She answered as I watch her go to her room.

It a good thing she’s leaving for sometime. Now I can rest from this prostitution stuff. I won’t be going to any man that call me for my service.

My sister took her bags as she walk towards the car that just drove in to our apartment. I waves her bye and I sighed feeling relieved.

This is called a short time freedom. I settled down to watch TV. I make dinner, then lunch.

I got to my bed and rolled the duvet up to my chest. I recalled the afternoon scene, I almost blurted out my secret to Eric.

Sometimes I feel like I should tell him but I just don’t want to. I don’t trust him in this.

Soon, I slept off.

Eric’s POV

Next Day…

I rolled the duvet off from my body. I entered into the bathroom and took my bath.

I came out and was about wearing my clothes when a call came. I prayed silently for it not to be my mom or dad.

Unfortunately, it was my dad calling. I picked the call.

Hello dad

Hello son, how are you?

Am fine dad. Why the call? I asked.

Well son, you already know what am going to discuss. Your mother has been lamenting saying she’s not gonna see her grandchildren before she die” Dad replied.

I rubbed my forehead. “Dad, you know am not ready for this. And I haven’t found someone I love yet. Don’t worry dad am gonna get married soon.” I said, taking out the body cream in my drawer.

“Tell mom am gonna give her grandchildren soon okay? I need to go before I run late to work” I added.

“Work? Aren’t you the CEO now? You should go anytime” My dad answered.

“Gosh! You knew I was different from you. Am the CEO doesn’t mean I should come to work late. Bye dad I gotta go”

“Fine! Bye. Don’t forget you promised to give your mom grandchildren.” He said before hanging up.

Am not even ready to marry. But why? No major reason yet.

I wore my clothes and put on my black shoe. I stepped out of my room and ordered the maid to serve me food.

I ate my breakfast and walked to my car. I drove the office. Coming down from the car and going inside the company.

I didn’t meet the receptionist in her place. She’s late I guess. Well she can come to collect her sack letter.

I hate lateness.


Ten Minutes Later….

The receptionist was just walking in. I could see her through the glass window as she sit down.

“Come to my office now” I said through the intercom.

She came in with her face down. “Why did you come late?” I asked still facing my laptop.

“Actually, I visited my friend who just gave birth today” She said and I chuckled.

“Really? So you can’t go there after work hours right? Well I don’t wanna waste my time talking to you. You’re fired” I said, raising my head up to her.

“Sir please, this won’t happen again. I promise, just give me one more chance” She begged.

“Leave my office b—h!!” I yelled and she flinched.

“Yes.. Sir but sir… ” She kept quiet when I glared at her.

She left the office. I called Henry.

“Get another interview ready for new receptionist” I said.

“Sir what about the new receptionist we just employed?” He asked.

“She’s fired! Now do what I told you now. I need another secretary tomorrow.” I replied and hung up.

Am missing someone. Wait who’s that person?

Kate? No I don’t miss prostitute.


Kate’s POV

I walked outside feeling bored, the TV didn’t help my boredom. How about I visit Eric in his office?

I smiled at them thought and locked the door. I board a cab to his company. Getting to the company, I didn’t meet the receptionist so I had to go straight to his office.

The workers were glaring at me and I glared back.

I knocked on the door and I heard a thick voice. “Come in”

I entered and saw the workaholic facing his laptop. He didn’t look up even when I was in front of him.

I cleared my throat and he looked up. His eyes widened and a smile came followed.

“Kate” He called and stood up to meet me.

He hugged me like I was gonna run away. Is he missing me or what?

“I was thinking of coming to your apartment today but it a good thing you visit me” He said and I smirked.

“I guess you are busy.” I replied.

“Not anymore sweetheart” He answered and kissed me roughly on the lips.

My phone rang which made us stop. I heard him groan while I picked the call.

“Yes? Sister Jane”

“Kate, pack your things now and come to the airport. We are going back to Nigeria. No questions and you mustn’t stay long there cause you gonna be In trouble” She said and hung up.

My jaw dropped immediately.

Eric’s POV

“Ni.. Nigeria? Why…. “Kate stuttered.

“What’s wrong Kate?” I asked curiously.

“We.. Are going back to Nigeria” She said and I body system stopped for a second.

What? Tell me she’s gonna live me here and go to Nigeria. No she mustn’t.

“You can’t go Kate” I replied.

“Am sorry, am gonna be in trouble if I don’t leave here says my sister. Am sorry Eric. I will miss you so much.” She said and left the office.

Suddenly, I felt like my heart tore into two and also felt like crying. Why am I even concerned about her going away? It not like am in love with her.

She’s leaving. Noooooo!!!

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