The shareability, closed captioning, ability to pause and restart whenever one wants and many more………are the essential features of video, audio, eBook, and other technologies that gives power and control to students while giving flexibility and lesser stress to the teachers.

The interactive experience between the students and their teachers have drastically improved and its creation of new ways to learn for today’s students have led to the exponential usage of EdTech. EdTech, short for Education Technology, refers to the implementation of IT tools to improve educational practices and facilitate learning. The influx of EdTech tools in education system is changing the classrooms, learning speed and education in variety of ways and with the steady increase in acceptance of these tools, we can tell that technology in classrooms have come to stay.

Though the world has evolved from traditional methods of learning to digital methodologies to be productive, Nigeria is still faced with numerous problems like insufficient funding, lack of infrastructures, lack of quality teachers, inadequate classrooms, poor learning environment and to mention but a few. This is a big problem to an average Nigerian student who is faced with the rigid, lack of improvement and the limited scope in terms of curriculum found in the traditional education.

Nevertheless, it is paramount to be familiar with EdTech tools due to the following reasons;

• It provides opportunity to learn in different ways

• It provides remote accessibility to resources • It is the best platform for acquiring foreign languages • It conserves space

• It allows you to learn at your own comfort speed

. It makes learning exciting and boost motivation.

• It prepares you for the future and gives you better understanding of your industry with its virtual feature and many more.

Online and distance learning demands have skyrocketed as students retain 25-50% more material and save 40-60% versus traditional classroom learning.

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By James Skyrose

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