New Phase Activated As Nsukka Students In Unec Inaugurate New Executive

The University of Nigeria Enugu Campus branch of the Federated Association of Nsukka Students (FANS), the umbrella body uniting all the Adada students in UNEC holds her inauguration. This event which happened on Saturday 12th June, 2021 was graced by numerous dignitaries from the comrades constituency. To mention but a few, in attendance was Comrade Osita Nwodo (Executive Assistant to the Igbo Eze South Local Government Chairman), Comrade Odo Samson Odo (Founder, Merit Defenders Movement and FANS National Secretary General), Dist. Sen. Ejike Ugwuaku (National Senate President, FANS), Comrade Splendour Chukwuemeka (Campus' NACESS President), Sen. Ogbu Collins (National Deputy Senate
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