Abba Kyari


Hushpuppi: Abba Kyari threatens to expose other police officers as he gathers lawyers

The embattled Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari, is reportedly gathering a team of lawyers to stop his arrest and extradition to the United States over links with Ramon Abbas, also known as Hushpuppi. According to SaharaReporters, Abba Kyari is also threatening to expose other top police officers who have benefitted from his ‘generosity’, should he be handed over to the FBI and extradited. Sources revealed that the head of the IGP Intelligence Response Team (IRT) warned that if his extradition is not stopped he would expose the “dirty jobs” he had done for past and present IGPs as well as top
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Super Cop Abba Kyari may spend 20 years imprisonment if found guilty of alleged fraud

The US government has released a fresh charge on the commissioner of police Abba kyari for allegedly involving in a fraud act with the Nigerian fraudster Hushpuppi. He may risk 20 years imprisonment if found guilty of allegedly indulging in a bribery activity that claimed the net worth of a Qatari Business mogul empty. In a court statement released by the united states, departmental of justice on Wednesday titled ‘Six indicated in an international scheme to defraud Qatari school founder and then launder over 1.1 million illicit proceed’ Abba Kyari was tagged to have been bribed to arrest one of the Nigerian
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