Pandora Papers: the former governor of Anambra state,Peter Obi has been invited by EFCC for investigations.

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The former governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi has been reportedly invited by Nigerian anti-corruption agency,EFCC for questioning over his implication in the Pandora files leakage.

According to some sources close to the EFCC who spoke with the Premium Times in reaction to Peter Obi’s name being mentioned in the Pandora Files leakage stated that he has been invited to the agency’s Abuja headquarters on October 27 for questioning.

The probe is part of the global International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)-led Pandora Papers project.

The Pandora leaked documents were obtained from a number of offshore services,organizations around the world that set up shell corporations and other offshore entities for clients who wish to hide their financial operations. It contains the financial secrets of Powerful politicians,business people and criminals, at least 35 current and previous world leaders, as well as more than 330 government officials from 91 countries and regions.

According to Peter Obi, the reason he did not declare the assets in the Pandora Files is that it is a shared assets that belongs to him,his family members and other business partners.He revealed that he did not have the information that he had to declare the name of his family members in his asset declaration filings with the Code of Conduct Bureau

He also stated that he was only avoiding inheritance tax.

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