Oyedepo: What I Takes To Stay Awake All Night.

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David Oyedepo,speaking during one of his ministrations in Church, the fiery preacher stated that he stays awake all through nightfall because he takes responsibility.

He said, “Some of my Children at Landmark University asked me ‘sometimes we take coffee to stay awake to study. 
What do you take to stay awake?’’’

“I answered ‘I take responsibility’.

“It keeps awake. It is a stronger antidote for sleep than anything else. No extraordinary man has a normal schedule.”

A fortnight ago, the Living Faith founder had asked parents, “children will stay on nonsense device morning till night and we watch it?”

He stated that his understanding and response to the Word of God started from the age of 16, as he told those who allow themselves to be distracted with smartphones and earplugs:  “You are getting too old”.

Oyedepo stated that the intention of the devil is to wipe away the hard copy of the Bible from the hands of Christians so that the weak among them can be browsing nonsense even in Church.

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