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The Nigerian government has taken yet another step to finally put an end to terrorism and insecurity as the Nigerian Air Force acquires the sum of 12 Tucano Fighter Jets in readiness to combating and containing the menace of terrorists in the country.

The above information was brought to public notice yesterday afternoon by Mallam Garba Shehu, the Senior Special Assistant, Media and Publicity to the president of the Federation Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.) via his official Twitter handle.
Mallam Shehu posted @Garshehu a 59-seconds video of the said Tucano jet during a flight test operation for it.
Subsequently, he further informed in a retweet of the said video that, six of the Jets are expected to arrive the country by mid July this year with another six arriving shortly thereafter.
Moreso, he informed that a total number of Nigerian Pilots are currently undergoing training in a Georgia Airforce Base.
However, Some Nigerian in a reply @Garshehu, has greatly expressed displeasure over the said purchase of these Tucados.
For example, @Ocheking007 replying @Garshehu @NigerianAirforce and @Vimeo said “sincerely sir, is this the much talked about Tucano? With a propeller blade in front? Doesn’t look extra ordinary or high tech to me…”.
In another reply @MadeManKing said that, “there’s nothing like Super Tucano, these are outdated war planes you are purchasing… These were used and made in 1942, why not purchase a recent fighter Jet…?” In the reply @MadeManKing he actually included the picture of a more recent F-35 Jet which he said the Nigerian government should rather buy and not the 1942 Tucano, as he contrasted both.
Corroborating@MadeManKing, another Nigerian condemned the propeller jet by asserting that “even if we have one or two of this (the recent F-35), it is enough to tackle insecurity… Who uses Propeller Jets in this age?”.

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