Man in great suprise after finding a hired plumber cooking noodles in his kitchen

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A Nigerian man has taken to social media to share the interesting incident that occurred at his home recently.

The Ore Afolayan disclosed that returned home to meet a plumber cooking noodles in his kitchen.

According to the man, when he arrived at home, he noticed that the plumber started acting suspiciously.

He said that he offered him water to drink as he was apologising for the deed.

The homeowner shared screenshots of his chat with the neighbour after nabbing the plumber and even revealed that the plumber did not finish the work he was hired to do.

I saw the plumber I contracted in the morning; uneasy, looking left/right and forming unnecessary busy.

Aroma of noodles filled the air and I went to the kitchen to find a freshly cooked, opened pot of noodles hidden behind the gas.

My neighbour was supervising o.
I think she just felt she should focus on her own activities; like it’s just to replace kitchen tap and drop the key while leaving naa.

When I texted her to intimate her on everything, she was shocked.

I gave him sachet water afterwards. And told him I understood as he was apologizing.

I was just shocked.

First time meeting and using him o.

A neighbour recommended him; so I gave that one house key. Make their two gather dey.

My neighbour told me tonight that his family seems well to do.

Said his elder siblings are all in “Yankee”. That she wonders what he is doing in/with plumbing.

He doesn’t look like the average rough hard-looking artisan.

This one looks like someone that can’t do any bad thing.

The work he was paid for sef. Don’t think he has finished it

Cos the tap I replaced can’t still bring out water yet. E never buy something to complete the work.

He should teach me how to complete the work. I’d complete the tap myself…

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