Man accuses Davido of using his crew members for sacrifice after the death of his photographer

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The death of Fortune, the official photographer of Nigerian entertainer, Davido sparked up mixed reactions from netizens.

It is barely two years that he recently suffered the loss of his road manager,Obama DMW making it the third death recorded in the camp of Davido.

According to the report gotten from actor and content creator, Feranmi better known as Yhemo Lee, he was scheduled to meet up with Fortune for a shoot but only met his dead body at the location

Twitter users reacting to this suspicions concluded that the deaths in the 30 Billion camp is not normal and alluded that Davido is sacrificing his crew members and obviously using them to maintain his fame.

See the reactions below:

“If I talk now u guys may block me. But seriously at this point if it was Wizkid that his friends have been d!€ing back to back, an influencer will have say he is using them to ren€w fame and this sp bloggers will pick it up. But honestly it is getting obvious for davido” one tweep wrote.

“Davido constantly losing his close friends to the hands of death isn’t right; Something is seriously wrong in the spiritual realm. Davido as well as his entire crew need to check themselves & go into prayers while cos this is becoming a pattern; It’s a spiritual warfare,” another said.

“Wizkid get crew members, Burna get crew members, Olamide get crew members..none of them crew members dey die like chicken like davido’s camp…wetin dey xup gan gan🤔” another added.

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