It Doesn’t Make Sense That Lecturers Still Earn Salary Even On Strike, They Shouldn’t Be paid – Nwajiuba Agitates

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The Minister of State for Education, Emeka Nwajiuba, has said it doesn’t make sense for members of the Academic Staff Union of Universities to continue to earn salaries while on strike.

Speaking to The PUNCH in a telephone interview on Sunday, Nwajiuba said, “The lecturers have continued to earn salaries while on strike; it doesn’t make sense to earn salaries when you have refused to work.

“If you refuse to even pay them, by the time they call off the strike, they will still come back to fight for the payment of the period they refused to work.

“You can air your grievances, come to the negotiation table without refusing to work. The issue of the strike has become a thing of concern. I have four children; two have graduated while the other two are still in public universities. I feel for them, I feel for other students who are at home. I feel the same way other parents feel, but can I bring money from my house and give it to ASUU?

“The Ministry of Education isn’t the employer of the lecturers, we are a supervisory body, and there is no way we can fire or hire someone. Universities have governing councils that supervise the activities that go on, our job as in the ministry is to supervise, we can’t meddle in.

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  1. The extent Asuu is going towards handling the situation at hand is no longer favorable. The student is not gaining anything from this imposed punishment. Will the students take part in sharing their money when is finally given? Will they recover our lost years? Most of these so-called lecturers enrolled their children in private universities thereby making other people’s children suffer for nothing.

    it can only be said that students do not have rights or say in the academic system of Nigeria, should we continue to be thrown and commanded up and down by people who don’t care about our future. Will Asuu continue to call off and be on strike as they please without considering the effect it has on their students?

    I rise with my fellow students whose freedom of education has been hindered by some money-hungry people who claim they fight for the betterment of the educational system. We say No to the educational system of Nigeria. Is no longer favoring us. 4years course has turned into 6years without assurance of a Good Job. Our parents are tired of paying house rent, we are tired ooooooooooo.

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