I will give my Virginity to Whitemoney – san grace

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In the wake of the face-off between “Shine Ya Eyes” two Housemates, Whitemoney and Pere emotions have been running wide with people expressing their opinions and taking sides with their favourite Housemate.

Perhaps, the craziest expression has come from an actress and content creator, who goes by the name San Grace on Instagram.

According to the beautiful entertainer who claims she’s a virgin, she has decided to give her virginity to Whitemoney.

In a video she shared on her page, she said, I’m madly and deeply in love with Whitemoney right now and I can do anything for him. We all know he’s a winner and waiting for him but just in case he doesn’t win the N90 million, I will give him that N90 million and not just that, I will also give him my virginity.

Everybody that knows me, knows I’m a virgin. That guy is everything I want in a man and more. If he doesn’t want my virginity I will give him that N90 million. Whitemoney, just know that a virgin with N90 million is waiting for you. Whitemoney, I’m sure you have never had a virgin before and I’m going to make love to you blissfully. Yes, I’m a virgin but I have divine knowledge of sex.

I’m going to take you to cloud 9, so keep yourself in the House, I’m waiting for you. I love you and there’s nothing I won’t do for you. I’m already giving people money to pray for you. See, I’m very rich, super-rich, I’m way richer than all these so-called rich girls you see on Instagram but I’m a very modest person, I don’t show off.”

San Grace calls herself “First Naija Sexy Virgin” and “First Naija Virgin Sex Therapist

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