How You Invest And Get Double Of Your Investment Using Kelvicon Investment Company

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KELVICON Multi Investment Limited is an investment platform that utilises investors finance into profitable sectors like forex, Cryptocurrency, Real Estate, Agriculture, Stocks, Indices, Commodities etc.

They offer you the opportunity to earn 5% weekly or 20% monthly for 10 months from any amount invested with us (#50,000 ($100) minimum amount invested).

You can invest any amount from #50,000 ($100) and ABOVE

Investors are paid weekly/monthly depending on your choice.

One good thing is that you can decide to withdraw your money weekly or keep it in d system till you are ready to withdraw, withdrawal is done Fridays.

They are the safest and most consistent investment paying platform in nigeria.

Kelvicon Multi Investments Limited duly registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as a private company Limited by shares.


Uramah Media specially recommend you to be part of them. Over 100 persons have already keyed into this platform as well.

They have been in existence since March, 2020 (offline). They served a small population of persons (offline) but now they have decided to share our skillset to a larger populace birthing their online presence early this year.


An investor decides to invest #100,000 into the system.

Each week, investor gets #5,000 or each month investor gets #20,000.

For 10months, #20,000*10= #200,000

Therefore, at the end of the 10months investor will get #200,000 which is 100% of the capital invested.

Cashout/withdrawal is done Weekly or Monthly depending on preference.

About The CEO/Founder

Onwubuko Kelechi Victory is the CEO/FOUNDER of Kelvicon Multi Investment Limited. He hails from imo state, ulo local, government Nigeria. He graduated in the year 2019 from Microbiology, University of Nigeria Nsukka(UNN).

As a varsity student, He was one time a senator of his faculty, Faculty of biological sciences (FOBSSA), Representing them in the Student Union government (SUG) Level. He later became the Faculty president of his faculty, Biological sciences, where he did some significant achievement, for example, Construction of toilet for his faculty, Rendering help to students in need and Impacting lives of students.

Join them now as investing with every sense of calmness is their priority.

Always remember, Like oxygen, they are always here.

KELVICON Multi Investment Limited office address is RM 2B Ogbonna plaza Hill Top Gate University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu state.

Whatsapp/Contact number: +2348113188675


IG and FB handle: Kelvicongroup

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