Heart-warming moment: A UNN Final year student spotted taking Signing out picture with a groundnut seller

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Every undergraduate looks forward to bagging his degree well and the day of the final exams in which it has become a tradition for students to wear a plain white T-shirt which could also be customized with awesome captions in order to be signed on by coursemates, friends, family members and well-wishers has been handed down from each level of finalists to the others coming after them.

Of course, it’s a day of joyous celebrations as finalists move to another phase in life, they also get to take pictures but here is a touching picture of a finalist with a groundnut seller. This picture passes many beautiful messages which include that Education is for all, inspite of one’s gender,age, societal class,tribe or origin, religious beliefs and so on. Also, because many of us are privileged to receive quality education shouldn’t make us look down on others who weren’t opportuned to attend school.

Furthermore,in our own little ways, we can bridge the gap of ignorance and lack of quality education by giving out books we aren’t using again to those in need of them, stationeries and words of encouragement to those already in school, telling them the value of education in our society and by God’s grace,when we get to a comfortable position, financially,we can organize or engage in educational campaigns, support one or two out-of-school kids in school. We can only hope and pray that our country becomes better,a country that will support education for all and consider the welfare of her citizens.

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