FASA must have a Legitimate General Election-Presidental Aspirant Says

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Information getting to us from our Reporter (UMR) is that Faculty Of Art Students’ Association (FASA) election at Nsukka campus (UNN) which was scheduled to hold today being 7th June 2021 was cancelled as rigging took over the whole place. This raised lots of agitation among students and supporters as we saw students both male and female complaining bitterly and with a bleeding heart as they took to their WhatsApp status to express their pain.

The Faculty Of Art Student Association (FASA) endorsed two candidate that are contesting for the Presidential sit but it seem it didn’t go well for one of them as most students kept shouting to the top of their voices “Chuks Must Go”.

The other aspirant later came out to address students by saying; “There is one way FASA can be good and that will only come from students” he said in addition “…We no go fight but FASA MUST have a legitimate General Election so everybody must come back he e for an election Or!… Or…! Or….! he said.

For now a new date for the election has not been fixed but Uramah Media will update you when a new date is finally released.

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    1. It was rigged, we had instances of Ballot paper torn after my classmate voted, the other person her vote was not dropped in the ballot paper, it was dropped on the floor.
      Others went in to vote and the ballot paper for the presidency had only Onyebuchi Emmanuel on it, leaving out Nwanna Izuchukwu’s name on the ballot paper, plus the fact that some of the electoral committees were collecting just fast receipt and school fees receipt without a valid ID card when they refused to do so for other departments.
      So, I can boldly beat my chest and say it was rigged, I was there I saw it all.
      And worst of all, they didn’t allow us to go in with our phones because they know we would take pictures of their illicit practices.

      1. My dear, you don’t have to say what you are not sure of and you don’t have to beat your chest boldly to tell lies.
        I voted, and when I went in to vote I was made to sit alone and when I finished voting they made me drop my ballot paper in the ballot box myself.
        Nobody saw who I voted for …. I find it hard to understand how some ballot paper only have onyebuchi on it leaving Nwanna out, even when the officials sharing the ballot paper will tell you vote Nwanna.
        In the voting hall, there are representatives from each candidate. if there’s anything like the claim you made, there would have been problem in the voting hall but there was nothing like that. You just stayed outside and made your own stories.

      2. This your lie sha
        How possible is it to have just Onyebuchi’s name for president on the ballot paper
        Before you guys start lying unnecessarily, pls think twice. Y’all are pained because Onyebuchi was winning

      3. Because your ppl tried rigging the election and it didn’t work out for them, they caused commotion. A thug can’t be our president. It’s Onyebuchi Emmanuel or nobody else. Onyebuchi Emmanuel to the world

  1. No rigging but some people caused commotion and confusion and besides they only told us to bring our FASA receipt and sch fees receipt but today they changed it to ID card for some unknown reasons ,majority of the fasaites came with receipts we don’t have ID card for FASA yet

    1. From what u said its obvious u were told

      I voted too deir was nwanna izuchukwu and onyebuchi Emmanuel nobody saw wat I ticked cus I was made to sit alone and vote and every candidate has some1 in deir

  2. After staying under that hot sun and finally I succeeded in voting now they concealed it.
    This whole things are tiring

  3. One of the Presidential candidate caused the violent because he noticed no one was voting him again! Everybody was voting for Onyebuchi Emmanuel and he felt intimidated!
    He heir thugs and external bodies to cause violence in the election ground!

  4. Who is saying it was rigged, people are saying it is onyebuchi Emmanuel that rigged the election,not knowing that some people from his department were restricted from voting, specially first years who do not have an ID card, some who had an ID card did not see their names in the FASA booklet, showing that they paid their FASA dues.
    All I know is that,it is the electoral bodies that caused all this things cause initially,the ID card was not mention as one of the criteria for accreditation.
    Are we to talk about mass,com students,that half of them did not even vote because they had no ID, and someone is saying onyebuchi Emmanuel rigged the election. What about one of the electoral personnel inside the faculty building,that was forcing people to vote for Nwanna Izuchukwu, which is not suppose. Cause as an electoral committee,you are not suppose to have a candidate.
    My own is that we should find a way to talk to Dean and see if another date will be fixed, cause the sweat and money of all the candidates can not just go in vain,pls oooo.

  5. They rigged the election. How can the team of Onyebuchiii Emmanuel be asking me who I want to vote for? When the noticed I wanted to vote for Nwanna Izuchukwu they tore my ballot paper. Also they requested for ID card a girl who wanted to vote for Nwanna Izuchukwu was with her temporal ID, they requested for her to bring the plastic ID which has not been issued yet, the team of Onyebuchiii Emmanuel told her that if she was voting for Onyebuchi Emmanuel they would have Allow her vote with her temporal ID but since she is not voting for EMMANUEL she won’t be allowed to vote. Who are they to tell me who to vote for? I thought it was a free and fair election? Why can’t they vote without rigging the election? Onyebuchiii Emmanuel should stop the rigging and vote fairly. Just because he knew that Nwanna Izuchukwu will win they began to play magumagu. We say no to rigging.

  6. The simple truth here is that Nwanna izuchukwu felt that no one was voting for him and that the vote was going to ONYEBUCHI EMMANUEL which is actually everyone’s favorite
    A thug cannot rule FASA. FASA is not for Nwanna izuchukwu simple . ONYEBUCHI EMMANUEL will rule FASA periodt

  7. Nwanna Izuchuckwu is a green snake in a green grass! He looks innocent but had devilish plans in his heart! He is a thug, going to the extend of hiring people from different towns in Nsk just to come stampid faculty of arts and cause confusions! Not just thugs but thugs that came with different weapons to intimidate Students!
    A thug can’t lead FASA!
    Let’s say yes to fair and fair election!

    1. Big liar, Shebi they paid you, I hope you realize that the money they gave you will soon finish because it won’t last, I have known Nwanna since first year and he has never depicted any act of thuggery, someone boldly trying to stop the fight yesterday. Infact make all of Una get out abeg. At the mention of Nwanna Una the tremble… Nwanna is the brave man! Nwanna for Fasa Topseat deal with it!

  8. A thug cannot rule fasa in the person of Onyebuchi Emmanuel. Only thugs are scared to face reality! Nwanna Izuchukwu is the people’s man and they know his chances of wining is very huge that’s why they rigged it. A huge number of my classmates alone didn’t vote even though we had our colored school fees receipt and Fasa dues yet they didn’t allow us vote because they had other motives. Nwanna or nobody else.. I said it and I said it!

  9. All I have to say is…. you don’t fvck with HISTORY department when it comes to faculty of arts. Go and make equiries, we are unapologetically dominant!!! (Both in sports and in politics) Emmanuel played a fast game though, but he wasn’t fast enough

    They should conduct a free and fair election, whoever wins, wins!!!!

  10. A guy was caught trying to go and either vote illegally or rig the election or whatever he was sent to do… Because he is not a FASAite. He was actually caught by a HISTORIAN and Onyebuchi Emmanuel confronted the security men begging them to let go of him…. You call thugs to frustrate FASA election, what a shameful act from a Presidential candidate. Is that how he wants to lead Fasa??? Like I said earlier, You fvck with HISTORY, you fvck with the wrong people☠️ If you want free and fair election, we’ll give you free and fair election, if you want ‘Hoodlums styles’ We have more than enough to offer!!!

    They should conduct a free and fair election, whoever emerges winner… no yawa!!! We meeeeuve

    Again, Our staff adviser or whatever is a clown I must tell. During manifesto, he said the criteria for voting is FASA receipt and school receipt and election would commence as early as 8am. Accreditation started passed 9am if I’m not mistaking. All a sudden they were demanding for ID and NIN motherfvckers!!!

  11. Without been biased or sentimental! I’m a historian! And yesterday I came out to vote Nwanna but truth be told guys! Onyebuchi Emmanuel was just the students choice! And it was obvious. Let’s just have a free and fair election. My fellow historian causing troubles and carrying propaganda won’t make FASA better

  12. Omo! I’m joshua from department of combined Arts!
    Onyebuchi Emmanuel name Is at it’s peak right now! That guy get followers! Like mad!
    Yesterday’s election wasn’t funny!
    Nobody saw the guy at the electoral ground! But Nwnna was everywhere shouting and making noise alongside his people who dressed like thugs. But the niggas working with Onyebuchi Emmanuel were all on coprate wear looking sweet and attracting the ladies. Your dressing matters!

  13. I had no one on mind to vote for! But coming to the electoral ground seeing Onyebuchi Emmanuel and his team well dressed with fine beards
    Omo i decided to cast my vote for him!
    Try to Dey carry fine boys do camping!
    E get why!

  14. Onyebuchi Emmanuel and team have this manner of approach that will make you start crushing on them lol.
    One collected my number already, I just hope he calls me soon.
    Onyebuchi Emmanuel for Fasa President ✅

    1. Sweetheart!
      I will help u locate the person
      Can u describe the person for me?
      I will force him to call you.
      Is he fat or slim??

    2. lol
      Sorry dear! They won’t call you.
      Since one of dem collected my number he haven’t called yet o
      Always telling me about Onyebuchi Emmanuel on WhatsApp!
      Onyebuchi Emmanuel for Fasa President

  15. Please I’m in mass Com, but truth be to told, Nwanna has more crowd than onyebuchi. Many of my classmates are compelled to vote onyebuchi against our choice which is wrong!!! Nwanna for fasa. You ppl are just intimidated by him

  16. Nwanna is my kind of guyyy abegggg I’m in first year Masscom.. can you see his physique? Omo his elegancy and smartness suits him. Just imagine introducing my president in the person of Nwannna! Even the name sef get weight

  17. You all saying Nwanna was scared of loosing shut up!! why did they try rigging it then? I wanted to vote Nwanna I realized that Nwanna’s name was limitedly printed I couldn’t even find his name to vote him.. when I asked why I didn’t see my candidates name they sent me out of the hall!! How is that free and fair?? Rubbish!

  18. I’m in history second year!
    They will always threatening me each time they see me camping for Onyebuchi Emmanuel
    I’m just tired of this whole shit!
    Yes! Nwanna is in my department but my choice is Onyebuchi Emmanuel but they won’t let me have peace of mind.

  19. My first experience in school election!
    It wasn’t funny at all!
    Been threatened for supporting someone who isn’t in my department.
    My choice remains my choice!
    Emmanuel means God is with us!
    And I will always stand for Onyebuchi Emmanuel no matter the amount of threats I get!

  20. My fellow historians!
    Truth be told
    Emmanuel Onyebuchi for win us yesterday with reckless abandon!
    Make we go find strategy wey we go use win am next time! It’s not all about carrying propaganda.
    The sky was blue and black yesterday!
    All came to vote for Emmanuel Onyebuchi and Eche
    Thank God the election was cancelled!
    E for be for us yesterday

    1. You can’t compare Nwanna with Onyebuchi Emmanuel. I’m in linguistics 300l And I’ve spoken to the both contestants one on one, Nwanna has more sense and he would lead Fasa with diligence.

  21. Funny enough Emmanuel Onyebuchi will still win his opponent over and over again!
    That guy is meant to be a leader!
    It’s. Written all over his face

  22. I’ve just been reading comments, and it amazes me how most of y’all think… so shallow minded! Yesterday’s election wasn’t free and fair atall. They were not fair on historians at all.. their voting process was wack! Truth is they are very scared of Nwanna, Nwanna has more people in support of him.. please stop ranting too much because Nwanna will win again and again.

  23. Onyebuchis people are angry because we found out they were rigging the election so sorry we realized on time. We going hard again this time.

  24. Emmanuel God is with us, your onyebuchi,my onyebuchi,our onyebuchi,,the true leader nwanna and his people should hide their face

  25. It is critical clear that we students don’t know what is education and sound education. Evidently even a fool will know that yesterday election was massively rigged. It is disheartening seeing people like us who are the hope of this country becoming the hopelessness of our generation. Onyebuchi Emmanuel has the support of the gullible current administration who want someone they can trust to cover their loopholes. What did Chuks did yesterday? Nothing just walking up and down. If we students should be so biased at this period then there is no hope for the future. Imagine departmental president and the so called stakeholders imposing a candidate on the students. What then is democracy? Nwanna worked tirelessly with the students and talked virtually to most students but Onyebuchi was busy working with the so called stakeholders and the corrupted administration. It is high time we students understood that our vote is our right.
    Nwanna remains the best man for the top seat.

  26. Funny how people will not leave sentiment for rationality or reality.
    In Analysis of yesterday’s event, amongst the presidential candidates, who was gallivanting around and panting in hot sweat?
    Whose team was better composed and Better presented?
    Who had the the blue tick scattered all over the floor?
    Wheo addressed the students after the election and why didn’t the other candidate do same?
    Once you’re a leader, you’ll be a leader. Being a faculty thug won’t help anyone.
    History has been made in UNN and in FASA. It’s glaring who we have as a suitable President.
    ONYEBUCHI EMMANUEL to the world.
    I’m unapologetic when making that declaration.
    It’s only the losing end that can instigate confusion to have a point to hung on.
    However, no matter what they do, God is with US.

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