FANS NATIONWIDE rolls out 3 months Achievements, unveils future plans

…FANS NATIONWIDE rolls out achievements, unveils future plans.

The April 2021 Inauguration of new FANS National executive, brought to the very fore of leadership limelight, a set of young, vibrant and astute personalities, poised with zest and zeal, to pilot the affairs of Nsukka students wherever they are. The inauguration which was a follow up from the embattled FANS Nationwide election that held on 5th February, 2021 at the Nsukka Local Government Area secreatariat, presented to the members of the association, the following ten persons as National Executives. Comr. Felix Uchechukwu as president, Comr. Onah Sarah Oluchi as vice president, Comr. Odo Samson Odo as secretary general, Comr. Eruka Nick-Jnr Chiemerie as assistant secretary general, Comr. Nwugwu Ifeanyi Emmanuel as financial secretary, Comr. Onah Emmanuella Chizoba as treasurer, Comr. Asogwa Chinedu as director of welfare, Comr. Ugwoke Francis Ekwomchi as director of social, Comr. Stan Ifedilichukwu Ugwu as public relations officer and Sen. Comr. Ejike Ugwuaku as Senate president.

Comr. Felix Uchechukwu, FANS national president

Plunging into action, the new administration moved to tighten the strongholds of the association first by revitalizing the JOINT CONSULTATIVE COUNCIL (JCC) of FANS Nationwide. This is a council uniting the presidents, secretaries and senators of all the FANS recognized campuses in Nigeria. Through the swift effort of the JCC, the reactivation of five FANS campus branches was made possible within first two months in office. The campuses include Uni Cal, Uni Uyo, UNEC, FUNAI, Kogi State Uni and Auchi Poly.

In solidarity to those who have been fathering the association, the new administration also paid a visit of recognition to the patron/staff adviser, Prof. Tagbo Ugwu and to the FANS National legal adviser, Barr. JMCC Ogbuka. This was in due recognition of their offices and in appreciation of their fatherly care, guidance and availability overtime.

At the crest of their achievement as a new administration is the commencencement of the 2021 secondary schools EVALUATION TOUR. This was kick started on Wednesday, 7th July 2021, starting with government secondary school in Nsukka Local Government Area, and with the intention of taking it round the six local government areas making up the Enugu North Senatorial Zone.

It was indeed a new dawn as the noble Association of Nsukka Students, widely referred to as Federated Association of Nsukka Students (FANS), through the instrumentality of her authorities ran the gauntlet, touring secondary schools to ascertain their learning conditions and deficiencies with a view to rendering economic and moral aid, empowered by philanthropistic sponsorship, to bolster academic growth.

FANS recent august visitations to these learning institutions was a breakthrough in the annals of the famed association since its establishment. Such touring is undoubtedly an arduous task as it compels one to brush aside private convenience and pressing schedule in service of the Nsukka land.

The historic tour had on board all the elected officers of FANS Nationwide, the crowned Mr Nsukka, and the pulchritudinous Miss Nsukka, which added to the event’s colourfulness, representatives of FANS senate, representatives of the FANS JCC, and some dedicated members; all in a five motorcade convoy, moving from school to school.

According to Comr. Felix Uchechukwu, the Association’s President, “things are going awry in the secondary education system over time, pitifully, there appears to be little or no vibrant efforts originating from both state and non-state actors to arrest the deteriorating status for the better; hence the association’s resolve to wade into the increasing academic rot to help in whatever capacity they can is a timely intervention.”

The outing was largely successful given the undiluted cooperation and acceptance afforded the FANS authorities by the schools’ management, who cheered their visitors and offered sincere answers to questions hurled before them.

At the Community Secondary School ISIENU, for instance, the benign Principal, Dr Anthonia Ike, who identified herself as a native of Obukpa expressed, without ado, her dissatisfaction with the gravity of the disrepair that some of the available structures like the female hostels and school library had fallen into. In her words, “I am uncomfortable with the dilapidated fashion of our buildings and general facilities today.”

She equally narrated strategic measures taken by her administration to salvage the sorry state of the facilities by taking some photographs to be ferried to the appropriate quarters to register complaints.

At Community Secondary School Nru Nsukka, the Vice Principal happily welcomed the FANS visitors, who stood transfixed by what he termed “an epochal visit as no association or anything of the sort happened before.”
The Nru vice principal hauled plaudits on the FANS visitors to have mustered zeal and yearnings to assess the study situations of their junior brethren languishing under archaic cubicles called classrooms. However, he quickly expressed the management’s exasperation towards their students erstwhile flourishing cultism affinity, which “by the glory of God is gradually ebbing away courtesy of stringent measures enforced ruthlessly to contain the menacing social nuisance.”

The Vice-Principal also laid bare the sad state of the school’s library, starved of quality modern textbooks and novels, a primary drive for students of arts preoccupation.
“Our library is nothing to write home about, a parody of what a modern library represents”, he enthused.

Master Olenyi Daniel, the senior prefect of Comunity Secondary School Nru, also solicited for the technological equipage of the school’s computer hub, which is a shadow of its old self.

The first phase of the Schools Evaluation Tour ended with a brief courtesy call at the office of ACP Yahaya Hassan, the youth-friendly Area Commander, Enugu North Zonal Police Command, Nsukka. He auged all FANS members across campuses to remain law abiding citizens but in the face of oppression, shouldn’t hesitate to call.

Futhermore, as part of the new administration’s way of, again, caring for the academic revamping of the zone, free admission slots were secured for a total of 67 Nsukka students who took the 2020 JAMB exam in some tertiary institutions within and around the state of Enugu.


Also, in total condemnation of students victimization in Nigerian campuses and in solidarity for the fifteen (15) students of the Federal College of Education, Eha- Amufu, whose final results were ceased for 20 months and most of whom were FANS members, the new administration of FANS joined forces with the Enugu State Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth and the Merit Defenders Movement (MDM) to secure fairness and justice for them. To the glory of God, the students results got released.

On 14th May, 2021, the new administration as well gave approval and set up a committee for the establishment of FANS IN DIASPORA MOVEMENT. This is targeted at bringing all Nsukka students studying outside Nigeria under a one big umbrella. In the meeting, the chairman of the committee and secretary to the association, Comr. Odo Samson , expressed his optimism saying, “…the movement is a welcome development and there are high chances that it would yield great results in the nearby future.”

Unveiling the future plans of the association, the new administration, through her mouthpiece, the National Public Relations Officer, Comr. Stan Ifedilichukwu Ugwu, informed our reporter that FANS Nationwide is coming up with something huge and formidable. That the next big thing aside the FANS scholarship/ bursary scheme will be the NSUKKA CULTURAL CARNIVAL which has been slated to hold on 15th October, 2021 at the Nsukka High School premises. He auges everyone to anticipate it greatly as it would be massive and historic.

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