Do Not Rely On US Support To Combat “Bokoharam” Terrorism-Professor Urges Buhari

Abolade Adeniji a professor of History and International Relations at the Lagos State University, has urged the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), not to rely on external assistance to combat Nigeria’s anti-terror war against Boko Haram fighters ravaging Borno, Yobe, and other states in the North-East.

Moreover,Buhari had in April called on the United States to consider relocating US Africa Command from Stuttgart, Germany, to Africa, nearer the Theatre of Operation in Nigeria to combat terrorism but the US had said it had no plan to relocate the Command.

The unfolding events in Afghanistan showed that no country would secure lives and properties in another country if such intervention does not align with its national and diplomatic interest.The prof said the Joe Biden government pulled out of Afghanistan after 20 years because the presence of US troops in the landlocked Asian country no longer served American interest.According to him, recent events in Afghanistan and Biden’s comments on Monday showed that the United States was only out to protect its nationalistic interest.

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