Brekete Family Set To Raise 18 Billion Within 2 Weeks To End Asuu Strike, Drops Bank Account For Public Donation

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Brekete Family, a radio campaign program by human right radio has Set To Raise 18 Billion within 2 weeks To End Asuu Strike via public contribution and donation, Drops Bank Account For Public donation and contribution.

Brekete family is a radio show that has had it focus on helping and being of many people who needs help, and this radio show is headed by their president, Ahmed Isah, AKA Ordinary President.

Among other complains and issue the radio show is solving, they have also decided to include the asuu strike issue which have been affecting so many nigerian federal varsity students and the federal government have not been actively working to end the strike.

By so doing, the radio show created a bank account for contributions to be made in other to raise up the sum of 18 billion naira, ending strike and letting affected students to go back to their lecture class.

The created account for this contribution and donation which was announced during the radio show this morning was also posted on their official facebook page brekete family.

see screenshot of the account for donation:

Brekete Family Set To Raise 18 Billion To End Asuu Strike, Drops Bank Account For Public Donation

Speaking on the radio show, The human right activist, Ordinary Ahmed also accused people around the President of not reporting the the true state of the Nation. He then advised that the president sends trustworthy delegates, in disguise, to infiltrate the society and get the “real feelings of the people.

“Mr President sir, incase you are not aware students have been on strike for months now and there is no sign that ASUU is about to call off the strike. What they are asking for is N18 billion. You are not the one that made the agreement with them but government is continuous.

“You came, you took over the office of someone who took the decision on behalf of that office. Occupying the office now, you have no other option that to see it through or renegotiate.”

Brekete Family, Ordinary Ahmed
Brekete Family, Ordinary Ahmed

ASUU started a one month warning strike on February 14, 2022, to demand that the Federal government fulfils the 2009 agreement.

The agreement signed by the FG with the union requires that the government commit N200 billion annually for five years to the revitalisation of the sector. To meet this segment of the ASUU demand, the Federal Government must cough out N1 trillion.

The union also said the government refused to include earned academic allowances in the 2022 budget as promised.

Right now, the Union has demanded N18 billion, out of what is owed, to solve its pressing issues.

Isah went on to announce his bid to help the government raise 18million for ASUU within two weeks.

He also noted that student Tweeps have also shown enthusiasm towards helping out. According to him some students have pledged between N50 to N50,000 to help raise the funds for ASUU.

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