Boma Sends strong Warning To Cubana Chief Priest, Telling Him To Back Off


This is coming after Cubana Chief Priest publicly condemned his actions in the house.

He had written: “How Will You Comfortably Fk A Married Woman, Then Publicize it And Above All Humiliate And Berate The Woman N Her Husband Saying Their Pu**y Smells Like Fish. The Punishment Of Fkin A Married Woman Knowingly Is Deep Even King David God Most Beloved Was Punished Severely By God For Doing It, His Child Died And His Wives Cheated On Him Rapidly, Dear Young World Try Avoid Married Woman Don’t Ever Be Heartless Like Boma.”

This statement seems to have infuriated Boma as he later sent a warning to Cubana Chief Priest in an interview after getting out of the house.

He said:
“Are you guys not following the game or you just want to call me out and talk because you have a mouth and you want to talk. if you want to drag me, drag me for something I did not something you think.

Cuban Chief priest or what do they call you keep my name off your mouth”.

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