Enugu SME Organizes knowledge and Practical Skill Program to help youth grow in their fashion Business

A blissful Saturday Morning in the city of Enugu, but there was something different about that day. Yes! The day was June 12, and outside the fact that this date has been set aside to celebrate the democracy of Nigeria, It turned out to be a memorable day for Ndi- Enugu Youth with a keen interest in Fashion Design.

The ESAM Plus program that held at the Oaklands Hotel, Enugu on Saturday is one of the initiatives of the Enugu State SME centre under the leadership of Hon. Arinze Chilo-Offiah, Special Adviser to the Governor on SME and Head, Enugu State SME.
The program was anchored by Mr. Salem Emmanuel, Technical Assistant to the Governor on SME Development and Investment Promotions. The event was officially opened with an Opening Prayer by a participant, after which the National Anthem was taken by all participants led by the Anchor of the program, Mr. Salem Shortly after the National Anthem, the SPA gave a short opening remark to officially declare the event open for learning and teachings.

The Guest speakers made a brief introduction to the seated 152 audiences…
“I am Ngozi Okochi, Co-Founder and Creative Director-Lady Beellionaire, thank you for having me Enugu”, Ngozi said.
“Orinma Ottah is my name, creative Director – Orynma Couture, with six years’ experience in the Fashion industry, it’s a pleasure being here”.
This followed an Introduction of the general audience and line of business to encourage networking.

The first session of Training commenced with Orinma Ottah with an interesting topic she titled ‘Right Steps to Breaking Barriers as a Young Fashion Enthusiasts’.
The session was interactive with Orinma’s key hightlight on: Passion, Understanding your environment, Creativity, Consistency, Capital and resources.

In Orinma’s words, “Being an Enthusiast in a particular field is embodied in Passion to create, passion to explore, passion to understand the particular path you have chosen to thread on. Fashion being a world of its own, Recycling and still unscratched in Nigeria, you can carve out your own niche successfully”.

A two-hour interactive session with deep exposure into the fashion business, the audience asking lots of questions that got answers.

The second phase of the program saw Ngozi Okochi take the center stage.
With a brief history into her background, Ngozi began her teachings and training with an emphasis on ‘Fashion Marketing and Visual Merchandising.
As usual, it was an interactive session to help the audience with proper participation.
“Fashion Marketing is the art of finding the right audience for your products, attracting them and convincing them to purchase your products”, Ngozi said.

She further divided her teachings into two factions; Attracting the Audience and Converting the Audience to clients.

In Attracting the Audience, Ngozi showed the participants what to look out for, such as;
Social Media
Visual Merchandising
In converting the audience to clients, take the following serious;
Customer Service
Overall User experience
Value for Money

Her teachings followed with an exercise demonstration. Ngozi entertained question and that ended her session.

Mr. Arinze Chilo-Offiah thanked the audience for coming, assuring them this is just a flag off from the great things to happen in the fashion space. He reiterated his interest to ensure Ndi-Enugu Youths are equipped with the right skill for the 21st-century job.

Shortly after his speech, the audience was encouraged to network and meet new people in the industry while the refreshment was served
The participants could not hide their show of gratitude that such an event of high standard and exposure could be organized for free, they showed their appreciation to the organizers of the program and the facilitators for the deep teaching and coaching opportunities.
The event came to a close with a prayer and National Anthem. We are optimistic that the knowledge shared will steer a fresh hunger in the Fashion space.

In conclusion the participant also thanked the Governor for empowering Enugu SME and also appreciated the organizers of the program and the facilitators for the deep teaching and coaching opportunities.

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