A boy stabbed during Davido and his crew fight in a club at Dubai

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A lady who claimed to be an eyewitness, identified as Queen Modelstar on Instagram has narrated how the fight between the patrons and the crew of Davido started

According to the eyewitness,Davido and his crew came to purchase a bottle of drink when some patrons decided to video him and his crew but one of Davido’s crew tried to stop the patrons from recording saying that Davido don’t like to be recorded which brought about the fight resulting in one of the patrons been hit on the head with a bottle. She also disclosed that Davido was the one who started the fight and sat unbothered after one of the patrons was stabbed.

She typed, “Yes @remedyblog Davido fought, in fact, he started the fight before his gang took over from him, then he just sat and watched, even when the boy was stabbed”.

However, another Instagram user who also happened to be at the club when it happened also stated that Davido did not fight but rather his crew started the fight.

She also wrote, “I was there last night. Yes there was a fight, but it was only OBO friends and securities are involved.

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