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UNEC is very powerful and popular university located in the south east on 6.4248° N, 7.5047° E. Long before now I have heard a lot about girls in UNEC and later I happen to become a student of both campuses and have also had the privilege to visit the school old site and it motivated me to write this article.

In this article I will unvail a lot of things people don’t know about UNEC girls. So let’s go down with it.

1. They Don’t Easily Fall In Love
UNEC Girls are so unique in the sense that they don’t just love because they feel lonely and are not influenced by their peers. Also stopping them on the road while they walk to woo them with words don’t work, most times you’ll need more than words to convince them to like you back in return but when they love you, they love with the all of their heart and with no strings attached. That is UNEC girls for you.

2. They Can Be Very Emotional And Sensitive
UNEC girls can be very sensitive when it comes to the welfare of the person they truly love. Yes, I’ve had stories of how they show love and affection to their guys when they are in trouble or traumatized but I’ll love to share with you the one I witnessed while a student of UNEC.
There was this lady that was dating my roommate then when I was at Nsukka studying Biochemistry. He was an Enginerring student while the girl was studying Mass Communication so, it happened that my roommate fell critically ill to the point that he was admitted at UNN Medical Center for 1week. I was so surprised a girl would stay with him for the whole one week. She only left when she wanted to take her bath and change her dress and this made her skip lots of lectures. This was so touching and beautiful.
The truth is, this girl I’m talking about is higher than the guy at all level but age and this made me sit and wonder if it was a dream or a reality.
After witnessing that seniero and with all I’ve heard, I concluded that Girls at the University of Nigeria are good and lovely to date.

3. They are good cook
Another good thing about UNEC girls is that they are good cook and I think their God given gift of cooking can be better understanding by Wolfgang Puck that says:
“Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors—it’s how you combine them that sets you apart.” They take time to cook nice food and also don’t deny their boyfriend a part of their ”skillful womanly output”.
Also don’t forget, most girls don’t cook in exam period so I’ll advice all the guys out there that’re currently dating UNN/UNEC girls to try to hold themselves within exam period so as to support their intensive study for their exam.

4. They Are Intelligent And Political
Every University of Nigeria Student is distinguished from others. Yeah, I said so because I have meet many student studying across the country so, believe me when I tell you they are intelligent. Infact, most best graduating in most department and overall best graduating are mostly ladies.
Irrespective of the fact that they study well, they also participate in school politics. I am glad to announce to you that the current SUG PRO and DOG at the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus are amazing ladies form BAMSA and HESSA respectively, to name a few and over look their influence at faculty and departmental student politics. This is amazing and we Praise them for that, indeed they have countless number of times proven to the world that “what a man can do, a woman can do better” proverb is true.

5. They Are Always Supportive To Their Partner.
If you’re a student of UNEC and you’re currently in or have once been in a relationship with girl studying in UNEC, you’ll believe me when I say they are very supportive to their men. They don’t mind sacrificing their last card to see to it that her guy stay comfortable and okay. It may seem difficult to believe but that’s the raw truth.

6. UNEC Girls Are Very Beautiful
Of all the things I’ve called about in this article, one part that can not be over emphasized is the beauty the creator created and destined to come to UNEC to study. Sometimes when I take a walk within the walls of this varsity, I question myself about the spec and kind of girl I want and would like to marry when my own time finally come. To me honest my dear reader, my spec are renewed every morning.
Permit me to describe a typical UNEC girl for you in one second. UNEC Girls are Fabulous Clever Lovable Glorious Sensual Vibrant Strong Scrumptious Succulent Radiant Adorable Exquisite and charming creatures. Every guy just want to have even if it’s a little piece of our girls.

There are more of them but I think the above mentioned “must-know” about UNEC girls will help you understand them more deeply and remind you to value what you have now so you don’t loose it too soon.

Also, don’t forget to add your opinion about on this article in the comment section below.

Bye for now!

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