3 Latest EdTech Tools in 2022 that you should start using

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Just like the physical/traditional educational tools, EdTech tools are very crucial for learning to take place.

Moreover, educational technology tools have exceeded the limits of the traditional educational tools. The effective use of these digital learning tools in classrooms have increased students’ engagement, help teachers improve their lesson plans, and facilitate personalized learning.

It has also help students most importantly, to build essential 21st-century skills.

Searching and navigating among the thousands of websites while test running tools in search of top-shelf tools can be frenzied especially when one ends up with nothing worthy of satisfaction.

To mitigate that challenge, we have provided you with the latest and great tools in 2022.

  1. OSMO
    Sometimes, learning can be dry and dull especially to someone trying to grasp a new topic.

Most suggestions to this problem have been discipline and interest which have resolve the problem to a great extent but not entirely-not at a point where the learner can’t seem to be interested in the topic and doesn’t have as much discipline it takes to keep to the subject. Therefore, you must make the subject exciting.

By using Osmo.

Osmo is a learning tool that merges tactile exploration with innovative technology while actively engaging the students in a fun learning process.

Osmo gamify learning in which players use objects in the real world to interact with the digital world shown on their gadgets.

Osmo games promote a wide range of academic subjects(skills) like:
• Coding
• Math
• Drawing
• Spelling
• Fundamentals of Physics
• Spatial relational skills
• World geography

Most Osmo gadgets are designed for ages 5-12.

What’s more than learning as you are playing games?

  1. FRAME
    Have you wondered why some topics are very complex?

That is because you can’t picture their exact illustration and they are beyond your surroundings. To understand the concept of an unknown /abstract matter, it demands you to be able to link the subject to an already existing knowledge or better still visualise the concept which is not possible in most cases.

However, an emerging group of tools is trying to bridge the gap, using a Visual Reality Technology to create online spaces that feel more three-dimensional allowing the participants to move through virtual spaces as if they are physically in a room together.

This tool allows a host to induce an online environment like digital classroom, offices, island, lounge.

Party etc while introducing the environmental materials needed for its experience.

This is really an overwhelming tool because it has a lot to offer, and schools don’t need to pay for excursion trips to educate their students.

    What good is it for you to learn how to acquire a career, but you aren’t taught how to make and manage money, nor how to manage your social and emotional well-being?

Most of the time, formal schools have so much in their curriculum that teachers can’t bring themselves to start illuminating students on those very important subjects.

Those subjects are very important that the absence of it has increased the number of struggling graduates in the society.

Delightfully, Everfi has become the safeness to that trouble in its pursuit of
inculcating its users with
• Financial education
• Health and wellness
• Social-emotional learning
• College/career readiness
• Early learning etc

The icing on the cake about this tool is that it offers you the lessons at you own pace, from anywhere in the world.

Also, some lessons are gamified for more engagement and interaction.

Getting all these tools might not necessarily be your best take now but you will be killing two birds with one stone at the usage of these tools because while you take in the exuberance experiences and knowledge that these tools offer, you also integrate your skills with the recent technologies of the time.

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