3.2Million Naira fraud: SUG SENATE PRESIDENT reacts to allegations(Listen to Audio & see documents)

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The Senate President, Comr. Nnamani (Aka Niceman) of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka(UNN) has reacted to the Alleged allegations placed on him after he was Alleged to have mismanaged over 3.2 million naira of the Union’s funds and was asked to return back the money, This also came along with some other charges too, Read full post HERE.

After this Allegations, The Senator, Nnamani (Nice-Man) also did not take this likely as he has moved so many motions towards justifying himself and declaring this Allegations false.


1) He released a broadcast yesterday, Wednesday 18th of August, where he told Nigerian students that he is been framed for wanting to secure their interest. According to the broadcast he released, he stated that the SUG presidents of both campuses(i.e UNN & UNEC) tried to make him sign an approval budget of over 65.5 million and “this was why this clams were firmed against me” he said.

Below is the full broadcast he made and documents released too.

I bring you warm greetings from the Office of the SUG President of the Senate, UNN & UNEC.

On 22nd July, 2021, I was called by Comr. Ani Stephen (SUG PRESIDENT UNN) and Comr. Ugwuja Obinna (SUG PRESIDENT UNEC) to sign and approve the sum of N65,553,000 (Sixty five million, five hundred and fifty three thousand naira) for the construction of 150 relaxation outdoor seats proposed as Students Union Project for 2019/2020 academic session which was suspended by the Senate on 28th June, 2021 due to agitation from students who were not pleased by the fact that their funds will be used to enrich the pockets of those that were supposed to protect their interest.

There are other pressing matters concerning the welfare of UNN students like:
Renovation and maintenance of hostel toilets, leaking roofs and drainage systems
Scholarship for indigent students
Installation of solar panels in hostels to improve power supply.

On this premises, I refused to give my consent until due process is followed and also seeking the students opinion by calling a student’s congress

In one day, 17th August, 2021, the SUG Presidents of UNN and UNEC released a false statement of account and collaborated with the Deputy Senate President without a proper Senate Plenary to enable them with the freedom to perpetrate their wicked plans.

I’ll continue to protect the welfare of Nigerian students and I’ll never support impunity and corruption in the Students Union Government even if my office is being threatened.

Sen. Ifeanyichukwu C. Nnamani, ACArb.
President of the Senate

2) Early this Morning, The Senator invited the SUG presidents of both campuses to join him on a public debate about the union saga on Lion Fm by 10am.

In the debate, The Senator said that the allegations posed on him was done because some set of people wanted to loot the Union’s funds.

Below is the recording of the Debate:
Please take note that the recording isn’t full and we were unable to merge the talk well accordingly, we could only get some point.

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