18 Achievements of Comr. Chukwuobaji Francis, Outgoing UNEC SUG Director of Transport 2021 (watch video)

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Meet chukwuobaji nkenna Francis .A 23 year old 500 level law student university of Nigeria,Enugu campus from onicha local government area in Ebonyi state.He was elected as the director of transport of students union government of university of Nigeria Enugu campus.

His Good works and effective use of his office really got the applause of students and also URAMAH MEDIA, as he proved to really be a good working leader.

Here is what he achieved under Eight months as from April 2021 to December 2021.

ACHIEVEMENTS UNDER 8 MONTHS(April to December 2021)

1) Renovation of dilapidated Manuwa bus stop which was commissioned by the Associate Dean Student Affairs, UNEC Surv. Professor Moka.

2) Subsidized flight tickets for UNEC students during holiday.

3) Organized driving skill acquisition programme for UNEC students in which I gave 33 percent off subsidy.

4) Subsidized bus tickets for UNEC students during holiday.

5) Maintained stability in the price of transport fare throughout the period of my tenure.

6) During driver’s strike over price disagreement, I was conveying students free of charge for the strike period.

7) Created a new transport route for our students.

8) Reconstructed a five seater bus stop which was commissioned by Hon. Chidi ilogebe the special adviser to the Governor of Enugu state on students affairs.

9) Introduced cab to be used in intra state transport within Enugu city which was registered with the school authority and made sure the cab is affordable and convenient for our students.

10) Refurbished Mbp Bus-stop

11) Repair of the engine of the SUG bus

12)Made sure that any case of harassment between students and driver is treated urgently.

13) Secured a space for intra state cab.

14) Made sure that SUG bus was always available for the use of students.

15) Maintained a good working relationship between our drivers and students.

16) Servicing and maintenance of the students union bus.

17) Made bus stops to be functional.

18) Pushed for introduction of more buses to curb scarcity of vehicles during early morning rush.

18 Achievements of Comr. Obaji, Outgoing UNEC SUG Director of Transport.

These achievements are indeed unprecedented and shows that as a youth ,he is ready to contribute positively in Nigeria national development when given the opportunity to serve in any platform .we are optimistic that this will serve as an example to preceding student union leaders and leaders in Nigeria and all over the world.

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  1. No doubt this guy was really good, I never knew he was the brain behind all the developments I saw in school though. Kudos to you.

  2. Was Uramah Media paid to publish this or it was really done legitly? Cause if it was done really, then This guy is good oooh

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